the strain

Because i'm completely unaware of the world around me, i only just found out that Guillermo Del Toro is adapting The Strain into a tv series with fellow writer, Chuck Hogan.
Uh, best news i've heard all day?
You bet. 
I don't know how i feel about his leading man, however.
This just isn't how i pictured Dr. Ephraim Goodweather.
But i'll give Del Toro the benefit of the doubt.
I do, after all kind of worship the filmy ground he walks on. 
Which is why i can completely get behind Kevin Durand as Vasiliy Fet, a rat exterminator with a build that could flatten you just by looking at it and a talent for maiming the undead.
Yeah, Durand about fits the bill.
I may be biased however, due to my love for him since the days of Joshua in Dark Angel and his subsequent appearances in shows such as Dead Like Me and American Dad.
Not to mention when he turns up in movies i like:

Mystery Alaska
3:10 to Yuma
Real Steel 
(I know. Be quiet)

That's all the casting that's been made official to date and so far, so good.
Now i hope they don't mess up the rest.
Especially Goodweather's son, Zack.
No brats with Bieber haircuts, please?
I don't think i could stand an entire series of another Carl-type actor.
I'd rather get bitten, thanks.

A decent list of role-fillers lies here.
I am totally on board with Viggo Mortensen as Ephraim.
To me, that makes far more sense.
Just saying.

If you're interested, here are some more potentially awesome things Del Toro is getting up to at this very second: