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let it down

'I've always had a problem writing about bands that are just undoubtedly great. With Cowboy Indian Bear, we have a four piece of talented musicians who craft poppy, but smart rock tunes. A few weeks ago I caught them live and immediately knew I would have a problem communicating what just seemed to be inherent about this band...they're a solid group. It's a cop out I know, it's my job to fill your head with imagery, context, use the word "jangly" and "sun soaked", but sometimes a band does all the work for the writer.

Since seeing Cowboy Indian Bear live, their newest LP offering Live Old, Die Young had been a mainstay on my turntable because the immediate catchiness of their songs quickly gives way to a better understanding of how talented these musicians truly are. It's probably to their detriment that music writers can't fill up pages about their backstory or wax poetic about their music (basically patting their own vocabulary on the back), but there are rare instances in music today where the music itself is all that matters. The music speaks for itself and Cowboy Indian Bear needs to be heard.'

- Zach Hart of We Listen For You

once were leaves

three blind lord hurons

I love my postman.
He hates me.
And my hermitic, internet-purchasing lifestyle.
Will that stop me?

Three Blind Wolves to the left of me.
Lord Huron to the right.


found via Muck and Nettles




Natalia and her nightmares

'It is a fairy tale about a little girl, who happened to partially wake up from a very long dream, in the dark and mysterious place, on the border of day and night, where the light has not yet been separated from the dark. She could not move. Her body was heavy and cold as if it was enclosed in ice, or wrapped in an old, dense web. Hours passed and even years. The only things that visited her were the monsters from her dreams, thus she started to succumb to them. She no longer could bear loneliness, so she invited them to play with her flesh. Do you know them? They will torture your body until you will eventually start to like it. You are so alone, as much as I am.'

Watching: Broadchurch



Watching: Boardwalk Empire, Season 1


Watch Sculptures: Moments in Time


project apes

Project Apes

'While watching a nature program on primates I was struck by their facial similarity to our own. Humans are clearly different to animals, but the great apes inhabit that grey area between man and animal. I thought it would be interesting to try to photograph gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans using the aesthetic of the passport photograph- its ubiquitous style suggesting the idea of identity.'

The rest of the images in this series are more than worth a look.
Beautifully shot and endlessly intriguing.


Amnesty International


Mocha Dick

'Mocha Dick is a 52-foot-long recreation of the real-life albino sperm whale that in the nineteenth century terrorized whaling vessels near Mocha Island
in the South Pacific. Mocha Dick, was described in appearance “he was as white as wool”, in an 1839 magazine article from The Knickerbocker, engaged in battle with numerous whaling expeditions, often sinking smaller boats, and was a source of inspiration for Herman Melville’s epic Moby Dick.'

(Mocha Dick, 2009, wool felt, vinyl coated fabric, and internal fan,127 x 165 x 609 inches. in Collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum Phila. PA)


Light Shower

Watching: Case Histories, Season 2



papa's party

Ian's still selling tickets if you're interested.
Which you should be because this man never disappoints.


This song makes me miss people who hurt me and left without an ounce of shame.
I hate that.
But i like this song.


Follow through for a free download.
You know you want one.



time to run

I don't seem to want to listen to anything else.

the harvest

Found all my old Buffy/Angel novels.
And this doesn't even include The Watcher's Guides, Monster Guides, graphic novels and comics i have stashed around my room.
These nerdy bad boys are getting read.
Quite possibly multiple times.
No shame.

Listening to: Lord Huron 'The Man Who Lives Forever'