When i do stuff like this, it looks forced and twee.
When Ryan Humphrey does it, it's stupidly awesome.
Damn you, Humphrey.
You talented bastard.
This is genuinely how i show admiration.

...and he's quoting Angela Carter.


at fault

elizabeth bay

happy alone

five string serenade


Angela Deane's Ghost Photographs

adult goth



The Antlers might be back.
I repeat.
The Antlers might be back.



soul sucker

pax pacis


horrible, wholesome sunshine

The delightful, Madam Mim.


Currently running over Universal's trailer for season 2 of Bates Motel.
Really do need to get around to watching the first season.
And 16 billion other things.

the don

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you clever little bastard.


stale twists

'Burning in our twin scarlet fevers,
we were laid out, feet to feet,
on the worn, gold sofa, my brother and me.
A doctor stood above us, his forehead
pleated into folds of mottled flesh.
Our young mother stood in her winter coat
smoking the butt of a cigarette in the cold
dank air of our home. Behind her, unheated
rooms flared with unmade beds and stale twists
of soiled laundry. If perhaps she sought a brief
oblivion in nicotine, I should not blame her now.
For the furnace was shot, and no odors of dinner
cooking wafted from the kitchen, and our father
was not there. We saw him in our mind's eye
several miles away, leaning on the bar, seeking
his own relief in a cheap bottle of bitter beer.

To make us well, the doctor plunged his needles
in our naked rumps, and pulled the blankets tight
beneath our chins. And then—for reasons I cannot
conceive, and so I call it grace—removed from his car's
dark trunk, thick platters of old music encased
in paper sleeves. He carried them inside where we lay, burning.
On our ancient player: The Nutcracker Suite,
some strange and delicate food afloat in the air I swallowed
hungrily with my ears.
And when I turned
from the harsh click of the needle's arm resettling
itself in its metal saddle, the world was stained glass,
my body a delicate canvas of skin over bone.
Something had once been painted there beautifully
and with care. And if it had worn away over the years,
or grown encased in a kind of shell? I suddenly saw
I could get back my beauty. I could peck my way out
like any young god, or a duckling, the black swan
hatching in a nest of white, the dark hum
of music in a small, tight place that resists
giving way till the final moment. Then it shudders
apart in an orgy of exit, and the shell—the shell cracks open.'

The Hatching




"I ate all your bees!"

Gets old.


Today, i really miss my little monster giving me the stink-eye.

some kind of wonderful

I do have awesome taste in music!
And a heathy dose of musical hubris it would seem.

Quiz it, here.




com truise


found via Inyourspeakers

leto atreides II

I attempted to watch Children of Dune a few days ago.
Lasted an hour.
I didn't understand a thing apart from McAvoy's shirtlessness.

And this is why you should never watch the sequel to a tv mini-series you've never watched.
It won't make sense.
Even if you have seen Kyle McLachlan and Sting get their sexual tension on in the movie.
It just won't.

It will rouse a previously unknown desire to read the books however.
Which is neat.


Drip Feet


Figure in Moorland Water 1

via Snowce

spike and ein

Lovely Bebop


...And i'm watching Teen Wolf again.
And still crushing hard on the new Seth Cohen.
And still not ashamed of myself.

world's largest

This is for real.
And it belongs in my belly.

home by now

Completely obsessed.
This is currently my shower album.
Which i listen to using my sister's neat little bluetooth bug:
Thanks, sisterface.
And thank you, Bombay Bicycle Club for producing yet another album i love so much it kind of annoys me.

time lapse

Always cool.
Oh, brush pens.


adele lack

Many years ago i watched part of a movie.
Got distracted.
And never thought to revisit it.
But one thing stuck with me for many years and that was the artwork used within the story.

Almost all films have crap art.
I don't know why this is.
But it's true.
Maybe the production team can't be bothered to search out someone with actual skill or they don't feel it necessary.
Which is both insulting and wrong.
As an 'artist' myself, it makes me cringe every time i watch a supposed 'genius' struggle to get recognition for their work when it clearly lacks any of the qualities that would merit acclaim.
(sounds shitty but some people just don't have what it takes to be a lauded artist. Myself included)
Or even worse, they do get the praise and it makes me want to kick the screen because everybody's an idiot that's clearly gone selectively blind.
Hollywood, Tv Land, please stop this.
It's making me sad.

However, in Charlie Kaufman's overtly celebrated filmic work, Synecdoche, New York he uses the ridiculously sublime work of Alex Kanevsky.
An artist i greatly admire and only mildly curse at night for being so damn talented.
But at the time of seeing Synecdoche, i wasn't aware of Kanevsky and so his work, even in its miniaturised form, was lost to me as i'd also forgotten the name of the movie i'd been watching.
Early onset dementia, it's a total downer.

Later, during university i found him again whilst trawling the library for 'inspiration'*, along with the likes of Marlene Dumas, Jenny Saville and Sophie Jodoin but i couldn't remember why his work was so familiar to me.
Until, due to the sad passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, i got the chance to see some of Synecdoche again as his career was widely celebrated on various film channels.
(still not the whole thing though. Don't ask why, i don't even know)
And there, right at the beginning of the movie, was Catherine Keener painting microscopic Alex Kanevskys.
I love it when a plan comes together.
And again it makes me want to draw miniature things and flip the bird to everyone that ever told me to draw to a grander the scale.
Fascists and barbarians.

*hiding from tutors and general responsibility.


'The exposed work is based, mainly, in the study of abjection.

Most specifically in the corpse, wich alludes to illness, dirt and waste. It threatens the integrity and stability of the viewer, attracted by the drawings developed from traditional techniques and obsessively intricate in detail, which results in an evocative imaginary, thus being stimulating and pleasant when contemplating, but when assimilated, provokes rejection due to the moral barrier of our social context.

This is done almost exclusively in order to violate the moral basis of the viewer, leading him to dissolve the inconvenience of morality and turning him into an accomplice of the enjoyableness of death.'

Statement of intent

I first discovered Kikyz1313's work on DA and i've been somewhat obsessed and bitterly envious ever since.