feersum endjinn

'Then, it was though everything was stripped away: sensation, memory, self, even the notion of existence that underlies reality ­– all seemed to have vanished utterly, their passing marked only by the realisation that they had disappeared, before that too ceased to have any meaning, and for an indefinite, infinite instant, there was only the awareness of something; something that possessed no mind no purpose and no thought, except the knowledge that it was.
After that came a rebuilding, a surfacing through layers of thought and development, learning and shape-taking, until something that was an individual, possessing a shape and capable of being named, woke.'

- (Page 3)

'Adijine stared at the desk screen. "What," he said slowly and calmly, "the fuck is going on?" '

Feersum Endjinn
(Page 263)

The above quote pretty much sums up how i felt through the entirety of my first foray into the works of Iain M. Banks.
(i'm better acquainted with his M-less works)
I'm truly not sure what i just read and i think that's okay?
I don't know.
All i do know is that i found myself wholly sucked into the perfidiously utopian multi-landscape of Bank's highly esteemed novel.
I just wish i had a bit more clarity about the whole thing.
Not necessarily a conclusion but a stronger foothold on the tale Banks was tortuously laying out for me.  
I do believe a Googling is afoot.
Bring on the nerdy analysis.
And much more bereavement for the loss of such a fine and complex writer.