Ásgeir - heart-shaped box (cover)

I like this.
It gives a softer edge to the agony of the original and its meaning.

death from above 1979 - trainwreck 1979

celtic frost - the heart beneath

Just beauteous.
Thanks, Dexterous.

the used - burning down the house

I know.
The Used.
I'm finding this really satisfying though.

volcano choir - byegone

susuma yokota - purple rose minuet

Always always always.

the grand budapest hotel



The end of Decreation.

A not so subtle reminder of how much i miss Borders.

Don Quixote tilting at clouded windmills.

Expected petalled foliage.
Half in.
Half out.

I'll take my time with this.
Let the individual words congeal in my brainpan* for a spell before moving on.

*Brainpan's a far older word than i would have expected.
It was first used in the 14th century.
Excellent words always prevail.

orphan black runge

Orphan Black

IDW has announced they'll be publishing an Orphan Black comic book.

I want a print of this.
Even if Rachel does look a little strange...
But that may be because she's a psycho bitch from the bowels of hell.

xavier mellery

The Doors

sappho and marguerite and simone



...fuck honey

young the giant - teachers

john constantine

Awwwww yeah!

young the giant - eros

young the giant - daydreamer

My boys are back.

the casket girls - stone & rock

Making albums last for days is my super power.


crossed: family values

Penciller: Javier Barreno / Writer: David Lapham


marvin pontiac - small car

pintor eduardo naranjo

violaine & jeremy

Le coq Sportif

The detail is making me salivate...

leon chew

Sculpture for Hotels