As a teenager, i barely read.
Now it's all i ever want to do.

Ater reading something particularly dense i inevitably need a break.
For some reason pages that are covered from top to bottom in narrative wear me out a little/a lot.
And what better way to power up than have a one-sitting adventure with the mercurial Scott Pilgrim?

Have to say, Edgar Wright basically did a perfect job of adapting this to the big screen.
I can't fault him.
(i will never forgive the studios for chasing him away from his baby)
The casting was eerily flawless.
The visuals had all the energy and cartoonish charm shown in the graphic novel.
And he didn't feel the need to embellish unimportant things for the sake of hollywood.
(looking at you Peter Jackson. You big, egotistical, book-ruining sell out)
And this is why we love him so.

The Story of English in 100 Words

The English language is a confused and wonderful creature.

This is generally the way i read The Metamorphoses.
One book for context.
One book for explanation.
I imagine that once if i ever manage to get to grips with all of Greek mythologies leading characters, not to mention the lesser supporting cast, then The Metamorphoses will be a much more leisurely read.
And one i'll repeat.
I haven't had to work this hard at reading anything since University.
And even then i used to skim pretty hard.
There is no 'skimming' in The Metamorphoses.

Sarah said...

I love everything about this post!

Louise said...

It's because you're my sister and just as desperately uncool...fist bump?

Sarah said...

There's nothing uncool about someone who reads Ovid and Scott Pilgrim simultaneously! That said... *bump*

Louise said...