flex and fall

The Unicorn Prince

'I put on my face. This one is wolfish,
covered in whorls of black and gray fur.
My whiskers flex and fall; I comb them

with my nails. My teeth are broken in places.
Depending on the light, I am glossy
or made of shadows. When I walk, my skin,

loose, follows with a slight delay. What did I wear
when we were new? Must have been the curly
one, lambish. Later, I was the blind ostrich,

my face a sad block, all eye and beak, hiding
in the sand. I chew my paws and pace
the bedroom. My fur is furrowed and sweaty.

I pant. I pant and growl softly, bare my teeth
at you on your way out. I heard everything,
do you believe it? The uneasy feeling

of a stranger by your side. Turn around;
I am the stranger. Go on, run away now,
run away on your dainty little hooves.'

Self-Portrait as Beast