st. vincent

This...will probably be mediocre.
Even with Mr Murray's magnificence.
But i'm not sure i'll mind as it'll be refreshing to see the Melissa McCarthy i know and love again.
The McCarthy from the Gilmore Girl days of yore.
The one i love best.

dom said...

i have faith in bill to elevate this above mediocrity

on the subject of upcoming films i like the look of Mr.Gyllenhaal's next film nightcrawler

Louise Boyd said...

Aw man, i'm never going to be able to stop saying it like that now. Conan really did just ruin his life! However, more excuses to sound like the chef from the Muppets and that's always cool.

Nightcrawler looks fan-friggin-awesome!
Always had a soft spot for Gyyyllennnhaaaaaal. Ever since Donnie Darko and shamefully, Bubble Boy =/
Feels like he lost his way a little over the years though. Prince of Persia for example. Good god :| and i just didn't get End of Watch or Rendition. Both very dull. Zodiac though! That's definitely in my top 50 movies.

Where was my point?

Oh yes, Nightcrawler could be his comeback methinks! And Enemy looks interesting enough.
I'm totally on board with the Gyllenhaal renaissance. Much like i was with the McConnaissance:

Fuck, i'm long-winded.