ivana szaboova


highlander animated series

right away, great captain! - when i met death


I don't feel very cool right now.
Scratch that.
When have i ever felt cool?
I don't even like the sodding word.



flatsound - if you love me, come clean

This is getting silly

flatsound - macie lightfoot, i'm broken

Jesus Christ, the end of this.
There were tears.
All i'm saying.

flatsound - we're fighting again

The more i listen
The more my favourite song alters

flatsound - old lumina

An evening of Flatsound it would seem

flatsound - your fathers car

flatsound - waking up to the big drill pad

Like early Bright Eyes

flatsound - good morning answering machine baby

banks - in your eyes (peter gabriel cover)

britney spears - toxic (2014 version) [elk road remix)

deftones - pink maggit

friedrich kunath

hubert de lartigue

gianni casagrande

peter heydeck

lissa bockrath

the walking dead season 5

Illegal downloaders.
I'm not very fond of you right now.

mac demarco - only you

my brightest diamond - pressure

manix - good guano

nicole dollanganger - angels of porn

jesse ruins - dream analysis

flatsound - the one who gave up

rachel ang

Every House Has A Ghost

rachel ang



What do you do with a girl that's wound herself into a tightly knotted ball of rage?

Why, feed her an alcoholic slushie of course.

Thank you, Emily.


It's tough being straight up bananas.
Bring me all the serotonin and sugary goods!

deftones - minerva

antonio santin

the maze runner


One of the best bbc productions i've seen in a while.
Delightful and bafflingly uplifting.

"I always wanted to be happy, so i decided to be."

deftones - anniversary of an uninteresting event

silver mt zion - the triumph of our tired eyes

the radio dept. - i wanted you to feel the same

claude debussy - 2 arabesques: no. 1 in e major

I don't listen to enough classical music.

books and sugar

Impromptu visits to the Quack = gifts from big sisters

This is exactly the way to my heart.
Throw in a fluffy animal and a tv series and i'm yours forever.

rachel's - family portrait

walter richard sickert

Watching a documentary on Mr Sickert with the Dadmonster.

robin cracknell

Truly one of my favourite photographers.

d/p/i - dead hearts

julianna barwick - forever

Currently working my way through a Spotify playlist of "the most beautiful songs in the world".
It's quite accurate.

sparklehorse - sea of teeth

max richter - richter: recomposed by max richter: vivaldi, the four seasons - spring 1

takagi masakatsu - oyoste aina

kurt vile - losing momemtum (for jim jarmusch)

talk talk - it's getting late in the evening

fernando gmez balbontn