amy powell

Erica & I

'Amy: Do you remember this?
Erica: Yee es.
Amy: What do you remember?
Erica: (No response)
Amy: What do you see?
Erica: It's covered in ice.
Amy: What else?
Erica: I see ice on my window. I see a wall. I see the wood. And what is that, a handle?
Amy: To open or close the window.
Erica: I was closing my eyes. Or looking out the window. I see my hair, my face, and that's all.
Amy: Do you think you should be allowed to do that?
Erica: Noooo.
Amy: Why not?
Erica: (no response)
Amy: What's going on here?
Erica: We took a picture. I'm not going to talk anymore. That's all I wanna talk about.'