My bud, Dexterous has just finished (is about to finish?) the full Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood box set.
I think he's trying to tempt me into watching it by sending me stuff like this.
It's working.

animemasterDOM said...

i'm a pretty casual anime watcher but full metal alchemist is one of the few i've watched and is deffo one i would recommend. then if you like that theres the original series which doesn't follow the manga its based on (while brotherhood, which was made a few years later, does) to watch, both of them really really good. after that you'll be drawing fanart, telling everyone you are an otaku and dedicating yourself to being as Kawaii as possible.

Louise Boyd said...

Hey now, who says i'm not as Kawaii as possible already?
What you implying, Domatron?