ko smith

Ko Smith said...

Hey, I didn't see a contact button on your blog, so I'm responding here!
Thanks so much for sharing my stuff (October 2014)! I'm glad a bit of my work resonated with you, and I really appreciate it.
I was so happy to stumble across your thoughtful blog as I was googling myself (only twice a year, I swear - like a medical checkup)! I'm honored to be listed amongst all the cool shit you're interested in!

Keep blogging!

Ko Smith

Louise Boyd said...

Damn, kinda feel like i should be thanking you for being so nice about this dumping ground i call a blog... You're totally welcome though, your work deserves a good blogging. I fell completely in love with Dictyosphaeria, it feels like a modern retelling of one of those grand storm scenes by the old masters:


But i could be talking out my ass...

Stop by any time and continue self-googling... sounds kinda filthy, doesn't it?