sleep eluded

On so many occasions i've attempted to explain my sleeping issues and come up against constant cries of "You're just lazy" "You'll get used to it" "It just takes practice".

All bullshit. You early risers don't know how lucky you are.

Now finally, an article that doesn't excuse but vindicates why i feel so backwards compared to everyone else.

My daily hours: 2pm-4pm rise / 5am-6am fall

Now to find an article that'll tell me wtf to do about it.

d o m said...

That is pretty much my routine. I can occasionally obtain a 'normal' sleep pattern but it's usually a matter of days before I slip back into being nocturnal again. I've always chalked it up to a lifestyle thing.

Do you also feel bad about being up as the sunrises in the summer or is that just me?

Louise Boyd said...

Nope. That moment always crushes me a little. I genuinely worry about developing rickets. Plus i love the sun, at any time of year and i don't think i've seen more than a few months of it in the last 3/4 years or so =/

But try explaining to an early bird that it's not a choice, it's just how you're wired.

I blame society. It maintains this really specific time construct that's wholly based around early risers and leaves precisely no room for the rest of us.
Cue the Hurt Bunny playing the tiniest violin in all the realm.


dom said...

society really does have a lot to answer for dunnit. societal norms are pretty stinky.

i blame the simpsons for me not taking rickets very seriously (i can't believe no one has a clip of that on youtube)

i reckon we've avoided rickets by employing a clever strategy we've unconsciously nicked from hibernating animals. we store sunlight for the few days we have it and we can hibernate indoors for the rest of the year. we've developed a biological solar cell. i don't have any scientific evidence for this, it just works. aren't we smart.

Louise Boyd said...

I just wish my stomach glowed is all. Like a Care Bear.

Is that too much to ask?