de sade's valet

' "But soon you tire of a beautiful landscape," he said wistfully, setting his glass on the table. "After a while you behold the trees and meadows with sadness and remember how stimulating the view once was. And when you meet a stranger who is obviously passionate about the same landscape you look at him in disbelief and shrug your shoulders and mumble halfhearted agreement before warily wending your way home. Only when a bolt of lightning crashes into a tree and leaves a blemish on the landscape is your previous enthusiasm rekindled, and you bristle with indignation. How dare something so ugly intrude, you think. But the truth is that you have a secret craving for ugliness and devastation, because they teach you to appreciate the scene you have grown bored with." '

(translated by Tom Geddes)
De Sade's Valet
(page 73)


Genuinely all the emotion i can muster for this story.