dragons exist

A L'aveugle

'Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.'

Came across this quote on Muck and Nettles today.
He/she/it always have interesting excerpts from literature/music/humans but this one especially held my attention.
Some people just seem to naturally have this back-catalogue of thought-provoking anecdotes in their brains and it leaves me flummoxed. 
I mostly have episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in my memory banks and even then it's pretty touch and go with the accuracy of my information.
My eldest sister schooled me a few days ago when i forgot the true identity of a villain in Season 1.
And she's a lapsed BTVS fan!
Dusty and full of idle trinkets.
I'm pretty sure Miss Havisham only rears her deranged head once a month though...

somewhere else


Ian Clark, you need these in your life.

Come to mention it, so do i...

nathan and stuart

Rewatching the Adventures of Baby Hunnam and the Origins of Littlefinger.


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There are clumsy bees inside my head.

Dear Head Cold,

You suck.

les revenants

The whole first season of The Returned is recorded on my DVD Player.
But i've yet to watch it.
I haven't been in the right mood and i wouldn't want to ruin it.
But after listening to Mogwai's score for the revered tv production, i think i might just force myself to be in the mood.

Scored by an amazing band.

Why have i not watched this already?
Oh yeah, cause i'm lazy and there's subtitles to be read.
Of course they're making an American version.
But have we learnt nothing from Forbrydelsen?
I know Les Revenants is an adaptation of the 2004 movie, They Came Back but that's not just rehashing something for the sake of it, to satisfy the lazy, non-subtitle-reading masses.
They took an idea and developed it further.
Unlike The Killing where they maimed the story and made it implausible.
What exactly was the point?
If you're going to remake something, make it worthwhile.
(i'll save my outrage concerning a certain Patrick Swayze movie for another time)
This isn't true of all adaptations.
The Bridge is meant to be pretty good and House of Cards, amazing.
But i just have this nagging feeling they'll ruin this.
There's an 'otherness' to foreign tv productions/films and when they're transferred to a more familiar setting they lose that quality.
And this series is about loved ones coming back from the dead.
We need the weird!

However, if they can give it the same sort of tone and atmosphere as In The Flesh then i might retract my claws.

b e a u t y


Exactly, Mr Hiddleston.

Did i build up The Dark World too much in my head?
Or was it really that bad?
Not even Loki and his Point Break hair could save it.

Consider me blue.

bakshi's wizards

And not the kind i fall in love with due to its terribleness.
See: half my movie collection.
via Strat91

I have to stop saving random movies i basically know nothing about and that i bought on a low serotonin-based whim for my 'home alone, must veg out and watch as many movies as possible!' days.
I could have been re-watching Game of Thrones episodes.
I'll never learn.

cookie wand

Never again, thanks to my sister, will i eat a Cookie Pancake without hearing these wondrous words.

the dadmonster

"Goodnight my Chocolate Hobbits!"

- My Dad


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Just a few Potter-based things that make me stupid-happy.
It syncs so perfectly!



Who do we love?

That's who.

jesse hooker


"Howdy. I'm gonna separate your head from your shoulders. Hope you don't mind none."

- Severen

I love it when awesome movies come out the year i was born.



Finally made it to the end of Gregg Araki's Kaboom.
Only rolled my eyes a few thousand times.

How can you make something as sublime as Mysterious Skin and then...this?
Is this what happens when brain death occurs?



so basically

In a.


The one and only time i will find it acceptable for someone to bitch-slap Chris Pratt.

janis ian


your girl


Is there a term for something that is strange, lovely and heartbreaking all at once?