joanna concejo


james ormiston

maicamia - girl (the beatles cover)

loom - around again

dougall dawson // the plug

james serafino

Escape the Machine

jujja wieslander

Mama Mu

doprah - stranger people


It's that time again.

fionn regan - be good or be gone

gaz coombes - 20/20

marcus michels

petite noir - chess

the pretty one // marguerite phillips

It might be love.

And then there's the art:
Marco Polo series

susanne sundfør - fade away

viet cong - continental shelf

a perfect circle - 3 libras

The first LP i ever bought was A Perfect Circle's Thirteenth Step at a record fair in Dundee's Caird Hall.
I'm painfully uncool.

What a kick ass record though.

jake rollins - your voice

ludwig goransson - top five end credits

halfjoy - archie vary


Gonna need this in my life pretty damn soon.

troy brooks

To Quote the Killing Moon

childish gambino - sober

marcus gunnar pettersson

Childhood Totems

Previously blogged here.

ben tolman



You follow one goddamn link from Screenrant and end up losing an hour and a half of your life to the children of nerd.
Internet, y'make me blush.

Want more?
Ismahawk are gonna be posting a new episode of Hawk-Talk every tuesday.
Bring on February 24th.

Now, if you'll excuse me, i've got a Nightwing mini-series to crush.
And later some Constantine to salivate over.
If this gets cancelled, i'm going to lose my mind.

leapling - n.e.r.v.e


For extra comic cred take a look at Screenrant's armour/tattoo analysis.

flatsound - a million missed calls

flatsound - i'm so concerned about the ending that i don't even know the plot

angus & julia stone - crash and burn

house of wolves - 50s

house of wolves - daughter of the sea

angus & julia stone - please you

graveyard club - into the dark

kim cogan

Dream House

aj frena

Near the Camphor Tree

hannah altman

And Everything Nice

' "And Everything Nice" is an unflinching analysis of the standard for female beauty. The ongoing series consists of women in states of affliction; the body fluid of the models have been replaced with glitter to visualize the concept of girls invariably needing to seem attractive regardless of the actual situation.'

kyle thompson

Ghost Town (Remission)

mikael bres - one loopy morning

flatsound - you said okay

flatsound - saturday dec 14 2013

flatsound - you wrote "don't forget" on your arm

Mitch Welling just ruining my emotional state yet again.
No big deal.

flatsound - a house with an old cuckoo clock

peacock affect - the heaven smiles

mathew lee cothran - failure

nicola l. robinson

Billy Goat's Gruff

vio/miré - shrinking coasts

alan moore's, his heavy heart

florence + the machine - what kind of man

hozier - take me to church

I have this really crappy but inescapable habit of not truly listening to lyrics.
Instinctively i focus on the musicianship and let the words enter but gloss over my brain.
So, the words are definitely in there.
Definitely, definitely.
I can sing hundreds of songs word for word but i won't necessarily translate their meaning.
Just another spectacular feat of slovenliness on my part.

Thankfully, i've got a sister who's brain isn't a dormant cesspool of inadequacy that's fatefully draining itself into nothingness.

See her use full sentences and big words here.

I've got some mindless ogling to get back to.

true bromance

honne - all in the value

angus & julia stone - get home

lord huron - fool for love

mnek - a thousand miles (vanessa carlton refix)

kitten - doubt

kitten - why i wait

journey - separate ways (worlds apart)

I remember hiding my iPod once.
I was blasting Journey through headphones in my third year art studio* at uni.
Avoiding doing any actual work.**
Shunning all human contact.
Desperately trying to stay awake.
My co-studio partner and closest friend at the time wandered in and demanded my attention.
I pounced on my excellent rectangle and Journey were banishéd.
Shame on me.
Long live Journey.
Down with musical shame.

*... a wall, a desk and a chair. Do not believe the movies or fancy art schools, studios are fucking depressing.

**... not a single piece of my work was produced in situ. My need for absolute privacy didn't mesh well with "mandatory" studio time and a short attention span.
... i did.

crimson peak

Sploosh . . .

yaroslav gerzhedovich