the goods

A few things from the past month or three:
The Unicorn and the Woodsman

Molly Drag's Deeply Flawed*

The Marshmallow Ghosts' Corpse Reviver No 1, Vol 1

Independent record stores always seems to send me sugar.

*now unavailable on disc but still available in cassette and digital form.

lissie - sleepwalking

kirsty mitchell


natalia smirnova


daphne ng

Evertthing I Touch Turns Into Coal

moon bounce - arcade

danger mouse and sparklehorse feat. the flaming lips - revenge

neil young - only love can break your heart

sia vs calvin harris feat. florence welch - sweet cellophane

the weepies - sirens

My loves have returned at long last.

klaus Thymian


gorgeous bully - tragic death (wholewheat cover)

wholewheat - tragic death

the pink flowers - kids

dye - fantasy

teen suicide - skate witches

surf curse - i'm not making out with you

clone club 3

con man

A little late to the party but Con Man is still open for funding for another 15 days.
So, if you wanna help avenge Wash's unforgivable demise*... i suggest you get funding.

*i would apologise for this epic spoiler but... if you haven't watched Firefly/Serenity by now then it's your own damn fault. It's been 13 years.

The soundtrack to my childhood.

slow west

ryan adams - stay with me

cherry glazerr - white's not my color this evening

young legs - lost at dusk

the walters - new girl (tom's song)

alex g - the same

nothing - hymn to the pillory

demo taped - i luv u

paul emsley

ruby the hatchet - heavy blanket

patrick watson - places you will go

jack gardner - find yourself

hozier - work song

cody rocko

inside out

pat perry


bleu - familiar faces

triathlon - relationchips

flower face - bedroom ghost

star tropics - summer rain

timecop1983 - dreams (feat. dana jean phoenix)

luca lush ft kim vallido - just hold on we're going home (drake remix)

the avett brothers - if it's the beaches

This broke my fucking heart.

cars and bodies

Cars and Bodies Project

malcolm shortt

Lieutenant Ripley

avenue21 - you are here now (instrumental)

sol seppy - enter one

quinn read-baxter - don't go

I'm lucky enough to have a buddy that sends me music basically every day.
Music i don't deserve.
It takes me months to get around to listening to it, due in large part to my own 'To Listen' folders being overwhelmingly large.
(there's too much music and not enough time and it gives me mini panic attacks at least once a day
same goes for movies/tv and books
and then there's this whole 'having a life' thing people harp on about?
how the fuck am i meant to fit this all in?)
But when i do find some time to work my way through the multitude of emails he sends me - you've got your own folder, my friend - i get to hear stuff like this.
Synthy, broody, droney gems that i might not have found on my own.
My friend is better than your friend.

empathy test - throwing stones

w o a d i e - give up (fka twigs)

bryan adams & tina turner - it's only love

kit king


david bowie - magic dance

Because it's been a shitty day and Bowie jamming with goblins makes everything better.
And because i can.

talk talk - it's my life

cesar martinez aka. el diablo

Cesar Martinez aka. El Diablo
Veet Horror Stories

"Veet Horror Stories was a social media campaign for Halloween which was driven by 3 animated short stories. These stories focused on the uncomfortable situations women undergo while waxing and portrayed them as horror movies. The goal was to highlight the painful grooming habits of women and how VEET can improve that experience through use of their products."

el diablo

A rather lovely thing

john franzen

milo greene - white lies


natalia drepina

Wistful Soul

andrés bestard maggio

ilya kuvshinov

Mia Wallace

james fenner


tv trailer bomb

and the US remake of Les Revenants:

This will never live up to the original but... what the hell.

avengers: age of ultron

"That just slipped."

"It's all in the swing."


jeff victor

Evolution of the Batman Films

scream queens

milo greene - perfectly aligned

frank ocean - swim good

frank ocean + mick jones + diplo + paul simonon - hero

hozier - someone new

...this Natalie Dormer crush is getting out of control.

the tale of the princess kaguya

tomer hanuka


pianos becomes the teeth - repine

cherry glazerr - had ten dollaz

lemuria - lipstick


mitski - townie

rozwell kid - kangaroo pocket

donovan wolfington - american spirits

a streetcar named desire

If i wasn't such a hermitic freak, i would love to see this.

And this.

meg myers - sorry

chelsea lankes - too young to fall in love

w o a d i e - when she calls

tei shi - bassically

noah breakfast - prayer hands (instrumental)

clozee - dream big

years & years - worship


Horror bomb.

john wick

Hi Keanu, we missed you.

jonas brodin

hungry cloud darkening - clearly seen

fort christmas - the leave behind

roku music - collider

whirr - blue

pity sex - gigantic (pixies cover)

grynpyret - a song about naps

turnover - cutting my fingers off

ex guru - chaos

the velvet underground - venus in furs

sigur rós - valtari

This. Forever.

e.m. engel


michael zulli

Sandman and The Endless

denis chernov