quinn read-baxter - don't go

I'm lucky enough to have a buddy that sends me music basically every day.
Music i don't deserve.
It takes me months to get around to listening to it, due in large part to my own 'To Listen' folders being overwhelmingly large.
(there's too much music and not enough time and it gives me mini panic attacks at least once a day
same goes for movies/tv and books
and then there's this whole 'having a life' thing people harp on about?
how the fuck am i meant to fit this all in?)
But when i do find some time to work my way through the multitude of emails he sends me - you've got your own folder, my friend - i get to hear stuff like this.
Synthy, broody, droney gems that i might not have found on my own.
My friend is better than your friend.