the libertines - what a waster

iron moon strike two

I've got to blog it again.
It's just so damn freaking holy jesus good.

chelsea wolfe - sirenum scopuli

zachary ayotte

michael lentz // chelsea wolfe

ROBE No. 589, "sad"

This image 
this song:

john seven

chelsea wolfe - movie screen

chelsea wolfe - iron moon

This bloody woman has got a vice-like grip on my nerve endings.

king dude & chelsea wolfe - bed on fire

tame impala - 'cause i'm a man


If you need me, i'll be stroking my copy of this lovingly.
It's been two years and i'm still not over it.

house of wolves - beautiful things

cloakroom - bending

anne - atlantic city (bruce springsteen cover)

adam stafford - atheist money

chump - sleep in (bedroom demo)

wakes - headlights

bored nothing - why were you dancing with all those guys

charles bierk

amber sena

young-sung kim

kwangho lee


charles vess


joanna concejo



In my head i'm making sad puppy noises at these images.
There is no end to the love i have for this book.

Tim Winton, Cloustreet
Illustrated by Sam Pash
Produced by The Folio Society

babe // the hereaftergo'ers ep

gleemer // no goodbyes

bored nothing - ice-cream dreams

Yet another band i love gone bust.

pond - giant tortoise

miserable / grey zine split 7"

seahaven - silhouette (latin skin)

joie de vivre - it can be comforting

cloakroom - lossed over

the tale of tales

fog lake - i'm so lonesome i could cry (hank williams cover)

rozwell kid - teenage dirtbag (wheatus cover)

acab rocky - matches

grimes - realiti (33 speed remix) [emmanuel hapsis]

sufjan stevens - should have known better

alanna mcardle - snow

me and earl and the dying girl

abel kirzeniowski - street. horse. smell. candle. (penny dreadful)

*sobs horribly*

goblins, daughters, godmothers and dragons

Tuesday spoils
a really rather dull read:
I read at least half of this just today so i could be rid of it.
My inability to discard books is... frustrating.

Katherine Addison, The Goblin Emperor
James Morrow, Only Begotten Daughter
Rachel Pollack, Godmother Night
Marie Brennan, A Natural History of Dragons:Memoirs of Lady Trent

dott - car song

aj frena

The Hound and the Wolf

gaetan henrioux


julien spianti

miroir noir