Full disclosure: I'm a terrible comic book fan.

I lack any dedication to stories that last more than a few series.
(hi there, mini-series, i love you)
I'm not loyal to any particular publishers.
(the DC/Vertigo/Dark Horse/Marvel etc. wars that go on baffle me)
And i don't possess a chamber of my brain dedicated solely to being omniscient about varying comic book universes and their ridiculously multilayered story arcs... i wouldn't even know where to start if i did.
In all honesty, the comicverse really fucking intimidates me.
It's so sublimely vast and ever-expanding that i just can't keep up.
Especially with the number of books i read/want to read/will never get to read because there's not enough goddamn time!
If literature wasn't such a priority to me then the foray into comics and graphic novels may not seem like such an overwhelming idea but... i love books. 
I really, truly, inexplicably love books and if you asked me to forfeit them for comics?
Which is where TPs come in.
The bastard love child of the comic book and graphic novel that gives a horrifically lazy girl the best of both worlds.
I'm not a particularly patient person.
I hate watching tv shows week by week.
The toaster takes too long.
I twitch when the broadband cuts out.
And i've never enjoyed reading comics issue by issue.
TPs solve that problem perfectly.
Yes, there's some patience involved but for some psychotic reason unbeknownst to me, it's easier to wait for a set rather than a single issue.
It even takes longer for the TP to be published than the issues to finish their run.
I'm ridiculous.
And insane.
But this works for me and while Image is producing comics like Saga, i won't be stopping my madness any time soon.

Read Saga.
Read it now!

Volume 5 is out in October.
I already pre-ordered my copy.
Colour me obsessed.