ben howard - end of the affair

Don't listen to sad music when you're hormonal.
Someone drum this into my head, please?

ophthalmic sparkles

Experienced my very first Ophthalmic Migraine yesterday.
Very weird.

Although, strangely preferable to the skull-splitting bastard born ones i normally get.
With those you've only got two options:

Puke or sleep.

I'm a sleeper.
Shock and horror.

gnarls barkley - who's gonna save my soul

queen of earth

pill friends - rituals

florence + the machine - no light, no light (spector ryan gosling remix)

laura makabresku

The Garden of Wounds

_yi - sugar rush

Trying to contain a dopey grin whilst listening to this in front of people.

annabel lee

Poe normally doesn't do much for me.
No stirring of bones or shivering of skins.
But i think perhaps i hadn't experienced it in the right way yet.
The spoken way.
The Ben Whishaw way.

Taken from the Poetica podcast, Tides

batman v superman // suicide squad

What DC does best.
Awesome trailers resulting in mediocre movies.

ash vs evil dead

"Let's tango, bitch."


Lifetime. Made.

karen gunderson


phillip lopez // nathan mitchell


It's impossible to find this and it's bumming me out.

kyle baker // bizarro

Bizarro #1



alex valone

We Renounce You

mindaugas šapoka

Portrait of the Child

hannibal and the tooth fairy

Fair warning, here be spoilers.
If you haven't seen season 3 - poor, unfortunate souls that i'm one of gahhhh i can't wait until December just shoot me already - stop watching at exactly 2:30.

But continue to revel in the fact that oh holy balls we're in Manhunter territory!
Frances Dolarhyde is my man and Brian Cox is the second best Hannibal that ever did live to chow down on human folk.
Hopkins can suck it.

american horror story: hotel

fargo season 2


See all the teaser trailers here.
My personal favourites are the cuckoo clock and the maple syrup.


one & two


bang gang - sabazios o

martijn versteeg


eves the behavior EP

princess reason - your divorce

mac smith


Losing my mind over these.

pat perry

raleigh ritchie - bloodsport '15

chvrches - leave a trace


c. duncan - silence and air

mouldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle and death

"Ya look like Gelfling...
SMELL like Gelfling...
Maybe y'ARE Gelfling!"

Oh, Aughra


I'm somehow an amalgam of all three.

kit king


Kit King freaks me out.
This is godly.
And i'm talking the old gods.

new found glory feat. hayley williams - vicious love

honeyblood - fall forever

oh, balls

Apparently i'm Adam Goldberg.
I'm unreasonably happy about this.

aughra and jim

My heart kinda ribbits every time i see this photo.

kevin wada

A little ode to Kevin Wada

ben tolman

$5 Buffet

He just keeps on blowing my mind.

heinrich vogeler


sadie saxton

sean gordon murphy

Kind of in love with the composition of these two panels.


Magdalena aka bubug

eves the behavior - electrical

death from above 1979 - virgins

philip ob rey

"V" HS Project

daniel danger // crimson peak

Crimson Peak

I can't decide which colour i prefer.
Either way, holy shit.
DD strikes again.