Normally that date would bother me.
Pathetic puppy noises would most certainly occur.
Quite possibly some maniacal twitching.
But no-one, no-fucking-one has picked this magnificent show up yet and i'm losing my cool.
I really am.
I was upset when Constantine got cancelled but it really wasn't all that good.
 Sure, i loved it and Matt Ryan was more than i could have asked for but it's okay, i get it and i've grieved.
But Hannibal getting cancelled? That's unholy.
So, the longer i can keep the quite possibly last season away from me... the better it is for everyone.
It's not going to be pretty. Ugly crying, fits of whining, a multitude of foot stomps.
Y'know, your average tv addicts reaction to losing a dear, televisual friend.
Perfectly acceptable behaviour.
For lunatics.

I might not be okay.