So, the blog's a bit different.
And i had nothing to do with it.
Eve of Mango Blogs Shop is entirely responsible and a good thing too because i suck at anything that isn't basic html.
I'd like to be, i've conquered a few online classes but as soon as i've learned something it only takes a few days to dissipate.
My brain is a baseless bucket.
Cue etsy.
Glorious etsy.
And talented coders/designers willing to help out us brainless luddites.
Especially us casual blogging brainless luddites who don't necessarily need all the fancy shmancy features that professional bloggers have but still want their blog to look good instead of resembling html road kill.
I'm looking at you sidebar, you were not pretty and i'm very, very, very sorry.

So, if you're looking for a blog template that's elegantly designed, slick to use and easy to install? Eve's your girl.
She'll also happily help you out if there's a problem and not make you feel like the coding moron that you are.

Sarah said...

V posh looking dollface. Looking forward to some v posh content!

Louise Boyd said...

V v v v v !

You're even grammatically* annoying on the internet.

*don't start.