the sword of shannara

My mum's a nerd and i love it.
She's introduced me to so many different strains of fantastical literature it's dizzying.
She brought The Discworld into the house.
She insisted i read Expecting Someone Taller.
She fully encouraged me to start the Mythago Wood Cycle after i randomly found the first of the series in her vast library of sword and sorcery.
She's pretty fucking cool.
And i trust her judgement almost implicitly.
But when i asked her about The Shannara Trilogy she gave me the most magnificent look of fellow fanatical fantasist shame that i was 100% certain i was going to love it and she was going to judge me for that very reason.
But that's ok, i judge her "silently" for reading hardcore sci-fi and space operas.
We're family and we're British, it's what we do.
But that didn't stop her (and my dad) buying me a copy today.
Just because.
Thoughtful parents, i have.

And i'm not even that nice.
Unworthy, i be.