aleksandra koncewicz // michael derrick hudson

Aleksandra Koncewicz aka milkychild

'For Russians the stars are always incontinent, ejaculatory
smears across the squalor of a boundlessly

unhygienic sky. You’d scoff, Marina, at how I go at them
with a tiny plastic shovel and my litter box

technique, scooping up the sidereal splooge while trying
to wipe down the universe. You’d say

I tug at God’s Old Testament beard, praying the prayers

of a coward. You’d confide to your diary my eyelashes
don’t bat sootily enough. Such a lummox

could never rumple the sheets of Paris! You’d jot down
my ugly shoes, my idiotic jokes, reproach

my skies for lacking splendor, bleached
by electric lights and the haze of a dying atmosphere ... 

What else could I do, Marina? You and your comrades
vanished long ago, exiled, shot, or pensioned

off by the End of History. So I inch through your legacy
with my groundling’s fears, my glut,

my botched American upbringing: I can’t imagine your
heartbreaks, but you’d never comprehend

how life for me arrived precanceled. Tonight, Marina,
the mercury streetlights will make us

ghastly: you can see only Venus from here, a drunken
queen’s pearl dissolving into the crescent moon’s

tipped-over goblet. Or perhaps I just fucked that up too.'