bread bread bread... bread bread bread... bread bread bread bread bread... bread

Behold, The Hockey Puck*

This bitch right here? This rotund motherfucker?
It was made by yours truly.
And it was fucking stressful.
I'm a panic-based nightmare who gets freaked out by the basic act of boiling water so it was only to be expected but ughhhhhh "so easy a 6 year old could do it" my ass.
Do not make this bread.
Just don't.
Sure, it tastes like it's been blessed by the lord of gluten and butterfly kissed by fucking fairies but is that worth the five existential crises** i had in the process?
Yes it is.
It's so good i might cry into its floury crust.
And then maybe register how filthy that sounds.

*or The Demon Loaf, it's a toss up.
**thank you family for not drowning me in the bath.