candice tripp // houses of horror // part 2

House 12: The Yankee Pedlar Inn, the Innkeepers

House 13: Rambla de Catalunya, Rec

House 14: Let The Right One In

House 15: The Freeling House, Poltergeist

House 16: The Cotton House - 187 Dollis Hill Lane, NW2

House 17: The Danvers State Hospital, Session 9

House 18: The Marsten House, Salem's Lot

House 19: H. H. Holmes' Murder Castle

House 20: The Brooklyn brownstone, The Sentinel

House 21: Hill House, The Haunting

House 22: The fortified mansion, 28 Days Later

House 23: Buffalo Bill's house, Silence of the Lambs

House 24: Allerdale Hall, Crimson Peak

House 25: 284 Green Street, Enfield

I think i'm drooling.

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