candice tripp // houses of horror

Candice Tripp strikes again and it's better than ever:

House 11: Pi Kappa Sigma sorority house, Black Christmas

House 10: The Davison home, You’re Next

House 9: The Babadook

House 8: Sarah’s house, À l’intérieur

House 7: Carrie

House 6: Stu Macher’s house, Scream

House 5: Jay’s house, It Follows

House 4: Annie Wilkes’ house, Misery

House 3: The Blair Witch’s unlovely heap

House 2: Hansel and Gretel (the 2007 version by Pil-sung Yim)

House 1: The school bus driver’s house, Trick R Treat

Ugh, i want one so badly it's bordering on pitiful.

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