dan deacon - 1/1 (brian eno cover)

'When I got the initial email about the comp and saw the list of artists available to cover I immedialy thought about Eno's Music for Airports. I often think about different airports are from when that piece was initially composed. I thought about how frantic and chaotic airports are now, how overwhelming they can be. From there I began thinking about how to best realize a cover.

I chose to "transcribe" Eno's recording using ableton audio to midi tools. After some cleaning of the midi I ramped the tempo to 999 beats per minute and recorded it being performed by a computer controlled upright player piano.

To me track somehow still maintains an ambient feel due to the new cluster formations that appear due to the insane speed.

I went with the player piano, over synths, as the instrument because my favorite performance memory from Moog fest was my 4 hour durational performance for player piano and electronics. I actually bought the piano off Craigslist specifically for that Moogfest set.'