light boxes

'They held hands. They formed

dozens of circles around their deflated smoldering balloons. Balloons silken globes the colors magenta grass green and sky blue were mud strewn wet with holy water and burned black through the stitching.
Bianca said, I don't understand.
Thaddeus said, I don't either.
Is this February's doing, she said.
Maybe, said Thaddeus who looked up at the sky.
A scroll of parchment was nailed to an oak tree, calling for the end of all things that could fly. Everyone in town gathered around to read it. Trumpets moaned from the woods. Birds dropped from branches. The priests walked through town swinging axes. Bianca clutched Thaddeus's leg, and he picked her up under the arms and told her to hold him like a baby tree around the neck and Thaddeus ran.'

Light Boxes
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