the twiglet

Ladies, gentleman, bread worshippers, i give you... The Twiglet.

Yet another variation on The Venus Loaf, this being the same mixture as The Pufferfish but with Marmite doubly folded into it to create streams of umami and a much needed second rise*
Holy breadballs.
The name is not an exaggeration, this behemoth really does taste like the doughy offspring of a Twiglet.
And for a family that collectively devours Marmite on a daily basis this is... well, quite honestly it's too filthy to put into words.

This needs some tweaking though, maybe a better sealing technique to stop the Marmite from making a bid for freedom and i should perhaps remember to slash the bread before it's put in the oven but i'm actually mildly terrified it'll create a yeast-based geyser that'll cause our oven to resemble the gateway to hell.
But y'know, minor adjustments.

Next up, my first bread baking fail.
It has to happen.
And if it doesn't i'll require everyone to address me as The Bread Wizard from now on.
You heard me.
The Bread Wizard.

*thank you Emily for making me do that, you're very wise.