beach house - majorette

heather woods broderick - wyoming


the batman

peter broderick - colours of the night

tacky and deadly and so very bored

tacky and deadly and so very bored

The only thing to do really...

Music: Express Rising 'Fixed Rope'

express rising - fixed rope

s. carey - bullet proof.. i wish i was

ryley walker - primrose green

unknown mortal orchestra - multi-love

thomas dagg

Star Wars

andrea guardino

THORTORO, God of Thunder

the 1975 // love


the 1975 - UGH!

There's no end to how much i fucking love this band.
But 80 quid?

Yeah... that's not happening. - i'll remember

vladimir leleiva

I wish.

amanda penley

Harry Potter & Magical Spaces

the cure - pictures of you

Thank you, Mr. Robot.
For reminding me.

silvia grav


aron wiesenfeld

jessica seamans // gremlins


Available through Mondo... or it was.


20 minute overhaul for structural integrity... I will not die a novel death.
I will not.

pat perry

Fall 2015 Sketchbook Drawings

patrick mcevoy

Casefile: Arkham Ch4 pg11

socar myles

Niggles and Mr. Nobody Fade Away

'Niggles and Mr. Nobody were my childhood imaginary friends. Niggles is the two-headed bird; Mr. Nobody is the irritated-looking man in the crown. He is angry because I grew up and forgot him, and now, he is almost gone. Niggles faces the same fate, but because he's only a bird, he doesn't have to know about it.'

frank ocean - wise man

nothing - in metal (low cover)

september girls - some for me

marissa nadler - game of thrones theme song (vocal version)

I feel i may have posted this before but hell, it's so damn lovely it demands a second posting.

rogers // gogol

Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword

‘Suddenly in the midst of the sepulchral silence the iron lid of the coffin sprang open with a jarring noise, and the dead witch stood up. She was this time still more terrible in aspect than at first. Her teeth chattered loudly and her lips, through which poured a stream of dreadful curses, moved convulsively. A whirlwind arose in the church; the icons of the saints fell on the ground, together with the broken window-panes. The door was wrenched from its hinges, and a huge mass of monstrous creatures rushed into the church, which became filled with the noise of beating wings and scratching claws.’


molly drag - vivian's grave

Hansford, you're killing me.

stallings // webster

Kelly Webster

'The telephone is threatening suicide,
Weeping shrill
As a jilted bride,
Trilling, I will, I will.
When has it ever lied?

Its black umbilical slinks
Into the wall,
It's listening in. It thinks,
Nudging towards the brinks,
We never call.

It wails in its cradle, look,
What we forsook,
Angry as cancer.

And we will never be off the hook,
And there's no answer.'


chairlift - ch-ching

anohni - 4 degrees

pearl jam - yellow ledbetter

When you wake up with your favourite Pearl Jam song in your head...

gleamer // moving away


No Goodbyes only came out in January but i feel like i've waited an eternity for this.


My third dutch oven loaf:

My first doughy disaster.

Just look at that crust.
It's perfect.
And i scalped it.*

A tip: if it looks as though your dough is going to stick to the bottom of the pan, don't lob it in anyway because "surely nothing bad will happen... right?"
Denial is not your friend when baking bread.
It's obscenely good and so easy to make that not even i can fuck it up.
Taste-wise that is.
Aesthetically i'm a pro fucker-upper.
P R O.

See here for more bready endeavours.

*its doughy undercarriage isn't featured because it now resides inside mine and my family's carb-rabid bellies.

warpaint - baby

white denim - just dropped in (to what condition my condition was in) [kenny rogers cover]

Tarantino gets all the glory for musical finds but it's the Coen Brothers that really have a direct line to the most fine of tuneage.

Now if only Shakey Graves would make his cover of O Death available i'll be able to take a minute to figure out what the balls was happening this week in Fargo.
Because what the hell?