sesame bread

Excuse my while i rock your world with Dutch Oven Sesame Oil Bread.

It's taken me three different recipes to get the right flavour and consistency i wanted with this particular bread and now it's time to play around with flavours.
I've tried olives at the request of my Dad which didn't really work* and was my first doughy fail.
A baking paper sling.*
Which you then butter the subsequent time around to prevent your second doughy fail happening again.
Bread, why must you stick to everything? Even non-stick paper. Why?
For such an easy bread it's high bloody maintenance.
It does however free you of the absolute fearfest of lobbing very loose, wet dough into a 230℃ pot.
Thank you internet, i'm no longer terrified.
Just remember to make sure the baking paper that rises above the edges of the pot are folded inside before you put the lid on.
When the paper you need to lift the bread out with just flakes apart like fucking fairy dust in your oven-mitted hands it's not exactly conducive to preventing rage blackouts.
And i teeter on the edge of those most days anyway, so take note.

Next flavour choice? I'm thinking sea salt and rosemary.
And now i'm hungry.

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*rubbery olives in pillowy bread is not good. So very not good. Maybe sun-dried would be better?
*or buy a new pot that doesn't possess cremated insides. What the hell did you cook in this thing, Mum?