A week or so ago my big sister played Frankenstein and captured wild yeast.
Behold, a yeast baby:
aka. sourdough starter.
This is actually its second home after it rather dramatically exploded volcano-like out of the first jar.
Future fellow Frankensteiners, beware and get yourself a damn big jar/bucket/trough.

And this was my attempt to make it into something edible*:
It may look crunchy and lickable and good enough to marry but actually it's waaaaaaay too dense and lacks any of the necessary tang of a classic sourdough.
At least, in my opinion.
The rest of the brood seemed to think it was not half bad, including my sourdough-loathing eldest sister.
But for me? Yuck.
Anything that tastes even vaguely of manipulated curd causes my gag reflex to twitch spasmodically.
I'm pretty sure i made this face a few dozen times while performing a routine and very necessary bread test:
Oh, well.
Perhaps the next attempt will be more of a success.
The next attempt that i believe said life-creating sister is coercing me into making tomorrow.
Does that make me Igor?

More bread stuffs, here.

*I would not recommend using this recipe, it's littered with discrepancies and general suckiness.