guinness beer bread

You can always tell when i've lost track of what looks good in my photo editing app...

Specifically: Guinness Beer Bread

Why Guinness? 
Uhhh... there was a can in the fridge and i thought why the hell not? Which is actually my reasoning for most of the bread i make.
Though, this was more akin to baking a cake.
The dough had all the structural integrity of Dr. Zoidberg sans shell:
But, y'know, yeast-free baking always delivers the unexpected.
It's taken me half a dozen attempts at Soda Bread to not descend into a twirly panic because "why isn't the dough holding together?" "Why is it so dry?" "Why is there more dough on the counter than in the loaf?" "Whyyyyyyyyyy?!"
Typically, one of the easiest styles of bread to make is also the one that makes me apoplectic.
But luckily it's really hard to fuck up.
And i mean really hard.
Damn near impossible.
No matter how lumpy or misshapen, it will always taste like what i imagine a doughy unicorn would taste like.
But Guinness Beer Bread?
I'm unsure.
I don't like Guinness so that may be a contributing factor but surely my bread-lust can see past a little alcohol? 

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