irish potato bread

Take one bread obsessed girl, add in leftover mashed potato and what do you get?

One minor, fluttery freakout and bread that tastes like a freaking scone, that's what you get.
Now, i don't actually like scones, to me they taste like cakey dust bunnies so really i shouldn't like this at all but... sense has never gone hand in hand with my bread fury.

Eat this with all the jam.
This is the point where i'd accost you with yet another gif to reflect my feelings because i'm now incapable of voicing them in any other form but channel 4 have deemed Dylan Moran saying "Jam, jam, jam. Jam, jam, jam. Eughhh." unworthy of inter-web tomfoolery so...

More bread, here.

A Noel shaped addendum because my sister remembers more awesome things than me: