nadine shah - stealing cars

Six songs in and she's fucking destroying me.

nadine shah - divided

fka twigs // mr. robot

When scene meets song.

nadine shah - fool

masquer - you don't own me

penny dreadful

I won't see this until probably next year and it's killing me...

ursine vulpine - do you realize? (the flaming lips cover)

childish gambino - sober

Donald Glover is the most precious of all.
Protect him.

cheat's sourdough // charles


Charles needs no explanation but laziness, intrigue and a failed yeast baby birthed this golden sucker into existence and y'know what?
It's not half bad.
Not as tangy as your standard sourdough but i think that could be remedied with a few additional days of fermentation for the yoghurt and perhaps adding some lemon?
Who knows, that particular google search has yet to be performed but i do know one thing for sure:

This recipe needs caraway seeds.
Lots of them.

I see another loaf coming on.
Which is fine because damn, this was easy and satisfying.
Doughs that require a 12 to 18 hour power nap are my favourite doughs.
All hail sloth-like behaviour.

More bread, here.

jason isbell - the life you chose

young the giant - amerika

rafael albuquerque


sesame chia bread // boat bread

I accidentally made almost perfect sandwich bread.
You know the type, soft but firm on the outside with a matte yet glossy finish and an interior that tears like thick cotton candy?
The stuff breaded dreams are bloody made of?!
Well, that loaf right up there? That's the dream and somehow my reasonably useless paws produced it.

Also, Boat Bread:

Which is essentially a seedy version of the no-knead loaf i make incessantly but baked in the Lékué Silicone Bread Maker that the rentals bought me for Christmas.
Boat bread.

More bread, here.

q lazzarus - goodbye horses

stateless feat. shara worden aka. my brightest diamond - i'm on fire

jeff buckley - just like a woman

con man

pat perry

Postcard for Antietam Detroit

jef buckley - kanga-roo

jeff buckley - forget her


The Keeper of Jellybeans is snoring on my bed.

good omens

'Gaiman previously stated that he would not be adapting the novel without Pratchett, who died in March of 2015 of a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Recalling a conversation with Pratchett’s longtime assistant Rob Wilkins, Gaiman explained why he didn’t want to adapt the work.

“Terry and I had a deal that we would only work on ‘Good Omens’ things together. Everything that was ever written – bookmarks and tiny little things – we would always collaborate, everything was a collaboration. So, obviously, no.”

However, the author had a change of heart after he received a letter written by Pratchett, intended to be read after his death, urging Gaiman to write the adaptation himself. Gaiman made the announcement that he will be penning the adaptation at a memorial held for Pratchett in London earlier this week. It was also revealed that the adaptation would be in the form of a six-part television series.'

I'm not screaming internally.
Not even a tiny bit.

juliette oberndorfer

ray lamontagne - part two - wouldn't it make a lovely photograph

ray lamontagne - jolene

It's been 12 years and this continues to kill me.

yeom ji-hee

From Hysteria - To the Stage of Drive

somera lageto

Somera Lageto
(summer pool)

winnie mak

s. carey - rose petals

Try and ignore the audio from Flaked and just bathe in how deliriously beautiful Sean Carey's music is... and Will Arnett's fine bicycled form.

pearl jam - garden

eef barzelay - sam spirals (rudderless ost)


What else is Amazon for?

charles cont.

I didn't get my desk back for 20 minutes.
Smug little bastard.