Business as usual.
Quite content.
And then Charles happened:
This is right before he slithered up next to me, scented my arm, bit my elbow, bit my knee and then bit the Preacher man.
Such. An. Asshole.
As a result i scampered inside to get away from the fluffy demon.
I do not live up to the claims of my sweatshirt:
thatdude said...

These photos are making me jealous.
Wish I had somewhere as nice looking as that to sit and enjoy the sun.
Also Charlie sounds like a right handful. Does he hate humans?

I've never bit a girl so wouldn't know if they bit back, although I would suspect most would.

Also commenting on multiple posts is making me dizzy!?!

Louise Boyd said...

You amateur. Come on, buck up, it's just verbal round robining!

I spend a fair amount of time explaining Charlie to people and often to myself, he's the weirdest creature and he's not even technically mine. He just barged his way into the house this time last year and made himself at home. And of course we let him stay because... my family and i are suckers for anything furry, having previously owned 4 cats, so we made him part of our brood and he's been a mean little shit ever since. I think he must have been dropped on his head when he was a kitten because holy fuck, he's not normal. He bites, he hits, he springs out of the dark hallways and buries his teeth into unsuspecting legs, he's afraid of the vacuum cleaner, he can only come in the catflap, not out. ?????????? I don't know, he's a real asshole but i've grown to love him, sometimes i even get to touch his belly. Now does that make me an idiot or kind?

Do you live in an underground bunker? Go find some grass and sunshine and roll around in it. Or read it a book, it depends on the company you keep! You still have told me what these 4 books you're reading are. Spill it, you can't embarrass yourself to someone who's an avid reader of The Mortal Instruments series =/

Louise Boyd said...

I should take a minute to review my comments, grammar atrocities everywhere!

thatdude said...

Yeah but you must get an email telling you about comments, me I have to remember what I have written and on what post.
One day it is going to become too confusing and I'll just drop dead (or other such ridiculous things)

He sounds like he has issues, but then him showing his belly is a good sign, shows a bit of trust.

I suppose I could go to a park or something but *shudder* other people are there.

Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn, 50 Shades of Grey, 50 other shades of whatever.....
Or I'll never tell what I'm reading until I find out if its good or a load of old fluff.

I have never read a Twilight or 50 shades book, I have some self respect.

Louise Boyd said...

Hmm, isn't there an option to get follow up emails? Or has blogger stopped that?

Ughhhhh the more you don't tell me what you're reading the more i want to know! That's your plan though, isn't it? Evil son of a bitch.

thatdude said...

Hmmm maybe, haven't looked.
To be fair I'm not reading anything just now. Not read anything in weeks.

Louise Boyd said...

I'm not sure i'd survive if i didn't read every day. I even feel a little funny not having read last night - damn unexpectedly long tv pilots (The Leftovers).

thatdude said...

What did you think of it?
People really seem to love it but I don't know might not be my cup of tea. I did watch the pilot when it started and didn't think much of it but then again I can be weird like that.

Louise Boyd said...

I was fully expecting it to be in the same vein as Under The Dome but was pleasantly surprised that it was so much better than that. I think i held my breath for the entire pilot. Now, i'm not saying it's on the same level as Hannibal, Penny Dreadful, Mad Men, Breaking Bad et al. but damn, it's not half bad. The only part that i'm slightly uncomfortable with is Justin Theroux. I can't fathom why because i liked him in Six Feet Under and he was pretty spectacular in the video for Muse's 'Hysteria' but for some reason he's creeping me out in this.
I wish i could remember reading the book, because i did, but i read so much that stories have a tendency to filter out of my brain within days.

thatdude said...

Under the Dome was woeful, the book was woeful as well so I didn't expect anything different.
Apparently The Leftovers gets better then has a crazy dip down then gets amazing, I don't really have the time to invest in that just now with so many other amazing shows I have yet to watch.
Penny Dreadful being one of them.

Louise Boyd said...

I have this problem with Steven King where... i want to like his books but i just don't. To be fair, i've only read Carrie and The Shining but i disliked both, i thought they were woeful but everyone else just goes nuts over them. Maybe i'm missing something. It doesn't stop me continuing to buy his books though, Doctor Sleep, Revival and Salem's Lot are all lurking in my room awaiting their very first spine cracking.

Oh man, i won't bore you with the word vomit that occurs when Penny Dreadful's mentioned in my vicinity but i will just tell you to watch it right this damn second or a severe ass-kicking will occur.

thatdude said...

I have read a lot of Stephen King, or as he is known in the book world "the great describer", the dude describes everything in a scene which can be awful to read but he has written some amazing books.

It's on my list so no ass-kicking will need to happen.
As if you could anyway.

Louise Boyd said...

I could totally kick your ass if i wasn't made of sticks and candy floss instead of muscle and bone.

Okay, as an old pro with Mr King, which of his books would you recommend i read next?

thatdude said...

Sticks and Candy Floss... Are you a childs imaginary friend?

What sort of thing are you after?
Something pure horror?
More Sci-fi?
an epic?
something with lots of religious subtext?
a quick an easy read?

Louise Boyd said...

I'm Lumpy Space Princess... bitch.

I would like something reasonably short, not a novella but definitely not over 250 pages, heavy on the horror and fuck it, throw some religious subtext in for good measure.

thatdude said...

Short and good.

Try Salems Lot
The girl Who loved Tom Gordon is less horror but a good one of his short books.
If you don't mind a bit of fantasy with the old west thrown in try The Gunslinger which is really short but excellent. Be warned it is the start of the Dark Tower series which lasts 7-8 books each longer than the last, the series does tie into pretty much all of Kings work so it is interesting.

Louise Boyd said...

I've actually read The Gunslinger but i was going through one of those phases where i can read an entire book and not take very much in. Perhaps a re-read? I am super stoked about the movie casting though.

Salem's lot is not small. It's almost 500 pages. And yes, i get twitchy reading thick books, my attention span can be pitiful at times. I suck. More suggestions please!

thatdude said...

Re-read it, its a damn good book and a great series too.

Ok I'll admit it has been a fair while since I read Salem's Lot but I remember it being much shorter.

More King books?

Anything after his first few are massive books, the guy doesn't know how to write short books, or at least he doesn't anymore.
That's where Koontz shines, short books for days, easy to read and some are really good like his take on Frankenstein or the Odd Thomas books.

What's your thoughts on Gaiman?
Or Joe Hill for that matter?

Louise Boyd said...

Gaiman's a god, i cannot wait for his lone adaptation of Good Omens - still sobbing over Terry Pratchett - and American Gods, i've yet to read that though but it doesn't matter because it'll be awesome. I reiterate, Gaiman's a god.

Joe Hill's good. I enjoyed Horns. But i don't rate him that highly. I've only read Horns though so my judgement may be ever so slightly premature. NOS4R2 is sitting in my room ready to be read though and i'm contemplating picking up the first volume of Locke & Key, so i might like him more than i know.

Y'know, i'd looked into Odd Thomas before but i get a little intimidated by series that go on for that long, as i said my attention span for such things dwindles quickly but i'll take your word for it and give it a shot. The worst that happens is i don't read anymore. Although, doesn't The Dark Tower series change drastically in style from the first book?

Louise Boyd said...

"i don't read anymore"

any more


thatdude said...

The Dark Tower keeps the same tone for the first three books then goes off into more fantasy from there. It isn't seemless and you have to be open to the change.

Odd Thomas as one book works, in fact each book starts and ends, no cliffhangers for the next one but they do mention each other so can be comfortably read as a series.

Joe Hills first book Heart Shaped Box is fantastic, Horns was pretty good and I have yet to read NOS4R2.
But Locke and Key is one of the best graphic novels I've ever read.
It's well written, amazingingly drawn and has great characters and a wonderful premise.
I plan on getting one of the Keys from the series tattooed on my calf.

American Gods is amazing, so amazing that I'm frightened for this TV adaptation.
I could read it every year, still looking for a first edition.

Worst case senario I stop reading hahaha perfect.

Louise Boyd said...

Quick question, i'm guessing that if i can't handle the pain from a papercut then it's probably unwise to get a tattoo?

Another question, how do you feel about the casting of Pornstache as Mad Sweeney? Everyone seems to be freaking out about it.

thatdude said...

I suppose I saw someone a bit more imposing and a hell of a lot more Irish? Then I saw the pictures and I was like hmmm ok then.

I would be annoyed at the casting of Shadow but I spoke to Neil Gaiman some years back and asked him to name an actor that closely matched what he had in his head when he wrote Shadow, he said Vin Diesel. Big bald and imposing.
So with that in mind the casting is perect.

Do not listen to someone who says tattoos don't hurt, they suck but you get pretty pictures on your skin afterward which is nice.

Louise Boyd said...

I guess if you're looking for authentic Irish actors of that age group all you're really left with are Cillian Murphy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Colin Farrell, Jamie Dornan, Aiden Turner, Aiden Gillen and Michael Fassbender, Andrew Scott and Robert Sheehan. All awesome but none exactly right, yes?

What's it like to actually talk to Neil Gaiman, face to face? I'm not one of those sobbing fangirls that terrify me so much but i imagine i'd get somewhat tongue-tied around certain "celebrities", Gaiman being one of them.

Tattoos: how many? where? what of?

thatdude said...

Oh sorry I never met him face to face, it was an AMA on his website.
I would love to meet him but I doubt I'd have much to say other than you write real well, thanks.

I suppose you are right but there must be a massive amount of nobodies out there that could have been given a fair shake with that casting.

One day I will tell you :)

Louise Boyd said...

Ack, you're a mysterious bastard. I bet you're covered in My Little Pony tattoos.

thatdude said...

yup all over my face.

It's hard to get a job with these but I found one that would except me.

Louise Boyd said...

Is it in the My Little Pony factory?

thatdude said...

How did you know?

Louise Boyd said...

If it was either that or a prison officer. Don't fuck with Officer Sparklehooves.