keaton henson // behaving

But especially this:
thatdude said...

I thought "this is going to be some indie pish" but that song 'behaving - confessional' is actually excellent.
It matches my mood today.

Louise Boyd said...

Hah! You can't ever say that about Keaton Henson. He's the most precious of the broken musos.

So, i guess you don't frequent this here blog for the music then, huh?

thatdude said...

I am very reluctant to listen to new music so I stick to my old playlists and add a new album every so often so can't say I've clicked on all the music.
I have done with a few and been like "urgh, whiny Indie pish" but a couple I've liked and now I'm wishing I knew about Keaton for the many years he has been around.

Also I found this blog due to bread, stayed because I like talking to you and you post some cool things.

Came for the bread, stayed for the chat

Louise Boyd said...

I think that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about my little domain before. You have to be mean now or it'll go to my head.

Favourite band(s)?

thatdude said...

You are welcome good lady, assuming you are a lady, you could be a kid, or a man, or a mankid, or a giant talking plant for all I know. I'm assuming not, I hate assumptions.

I really really really want to write crap bands that I have never listened to here because it'd be funny as hell but only I would get the joke.
I should have written that I don't like bands only house music and gangsta rap.

In all honesty it depends on my mood, I used to say oh this band are my favourite or this is my favourite genre but now I am more this is what I have been listening to a lot of recently.
So recently I have been listening to City and Colour, Bon Iver and The Postal Service. Ok Aerosmith and Nirvana too. I may have listened to a Bon Jovi song on repeat for most of the day.


Louise Boyd said...

I could be a mean green motherfucker from space. I have always enjoyed the taste of blood. < statements like that are why people don't talk to me, aren't they?

You must tell me which Bon Jovi song you were listening to. MUST. There's a special place in my heart for 80's hair "metal".
You do realise that City and Colour, Bon Iver and The Postal Service all sit comfortably under the title of "indy pish", right?

thatdude said...

I sat for a good few seconds thinking what those were the lyrics for then realised you were just telling me what you were. That's fine, do you come in peace?

'Wanted Dead or Alive' I love it so much for no reason.

Yup they all fit really well into that title but Dallas Green is a genius with a funny name so anything he does is gold thank you.

It appears my mood recently has been self deprecating and a little low.

Seeing your wee messages back to me does cheer me up some and the week has got exponentially better from its crap beginning.
Maybe next week I'll feel like Jazz or a Tom Waits record or Foo Fighters... who knows.

Louise Boyd said...

I cheered you up? Even with all the violent threats? Or did they help most of all? Are you a secret masochist?

Do i come in peace? As long as you don't mind me devouring a few humans from time to time then sure, i come in peace...

Bon Jovi tune of choice: You Give Love A Bad Name < i know, i know, predictable but come on, it's magnificent.

Now, how do you feel about Journey?

thatdude said...

Devour all the humans you like, they are mostly all horrible.

"Shot through the heart and you're to blame. You give love a bad name"

Not the hurting more the chatting... or maybe I am a masochist.

I love journey thats how I feel about them.

Louise Boyd said...

I get mocked mercilessly by just about everyone for being a Journey fan. Jerks.

thatdude said...

It's happy music from the 80's.
Whats wrong with that?

Louise Boyd said...

Beats me. Maybe they're just so dead inside that the wonder of a good headbanging 80s tune can't penetrate their dullard sensibilities.

thatdude said...

I know a few people like that. They can't just do a wee dance in the kitchen to a cheesy song, has to be 200% serious all the time.

Louise Boyd said...

Different strokes for different folks i guess but damn, it must be tiring having a [stringed instrument of your choosing] bow firmly rammed up your ass 24/7.