preach and purr and petal

Sun's out.

And the lesser-spotted Charlie Bear.
Who has surprisingly not tried to maim the flower that reminds me most of being a kid:

Courtesy of the big sister.
Who i apologise in advance to, my black thumbs may kill this fucking awesome flower.
thatdude said...

That is one handsome cat.
Have you caught the TV show yet?

Louise Boyd said...

He's a fluffy toad is what he is. But yes, handsome. The devil always is.

I am currently in the process of letting the entire series upload onto Prime before i delve face first into the potential adaptive massacre Seth Rogen's produced. As soon as i saw Dominic Cooper had signed on i started to panic. Sure, i like Cooper fine, he makes a good Howard Stark and he was incredibly good in The History Boys - as was the entire cast - but ugh, he just doesn't fit for me as Jesse. Custer's like a sucking chest wound, ragged and angry and royally fucked... and they signed a pretty boy? I dunno, just doesn't feel right. Joe Gilgun as Cassidy though, that's some higher power, gods and fate and all that bollocks casting right there.

They're releasing an omnibus edition of the first 26 issues next month. I'm practically drooling.

thatdude said...

I can't belive you can wait, I don't have that kind of self control I needed to see it now and want the whole thing now as well.
I'll say Dominic Cooper is not who I would have play Jessie but so far he is doing a decent job, Cassidy and Tulip are well cast.

Louise Boyd said...

The only reason i can resist is due to how much i loathe watching tv week by week. If i'm going to watch a show i don't want to have to wait around, i want to cannonball that shit and soak in the glory all at once. It doesn't stop this part being bloody torture though. Ugh. Have they got to Eugene yet? He's the one i'm most concerned about. How exactly do you do Arseface on the big screen without it being awful?
I've refrained from spoiling myself for the storyline they're following this season, so don't give me any details, just tell me if we're gonna be seeing the L'Angelle clan? Marie has to be one of the most skin-crawling villains ever committed to paper and Jessica Lange gets my vote to play her.

thatdude said...

But how do you miss spoilers with stuff flying all over social media?
I can't wake up on a Monday without knowing what happened in Game of Thrones due to all the bum sniffers who post up their "important" thoughts.
Yes Eugene is in the first episode and it is done really well, played really well too, it doesn't look cheesy as all.

They are only on episode 2 and I haven't watched it yet but I don't think we will see them this season unless we get flashes of Jessies past but they seem to have already changed a few big things from the book.
Then again its impossible to bring that book in its entirety to the small screen, or the big screen for that matter.

Louise Boyd said...

My success rate at avoiding spoilers is only maintained through filtering my Screenrant/Geek Tyrant/Pajiba reading through Bloglovin' so if i see a leading title i shut that shit down immediately. Squinting at tumblr helps also. Game of Thrones is one show i don't actually mind being spoiled on anymore though, i think i gave up caring two seasons ago. But if anyone dares to tell me even a tiny speck of information about Penny Dreadful, i get a little... ragey.

I was re-reading the start of the second volume of Preacher yesterday and thinking, how the fuck are they going to put these beyond depraved things on tv? Just, how? There's no way and i actually think that's what's going to let it down because as it is, it'll probably be okay - i'm hoping it's great, don't get me wrong - for those who haven't read the comics but for us die-hard fans? i think we're going to miss out on all the gory details.
It's like with Constantine, which i actually loved but i think that was mostly because Matt Ryan was perfect casting, it did completely fuck with the formula though and turn it into a procedural - much the same with Lucifer as far as i know - and that doesn't sit right with me. Ack, i'm desperate to watch Preacher now, damn you. You gotta keep watching and tell me how it's doing or i might lose my mind.

thatdude said...

It won't be easy as its one of the most depraved graphic novels out there.
I suppose they will water it down some but hopefully they see how much the Walking Dead and GOT gets away with and let them go a bit nuts.
Constantine was great but it was on an awful network who wouldn't allow it to be what it should have been. I do hope to see Matt Ryan back playing John again but it's really not likley.

I imagine if supernatural didn't exist Constantine might have fared a little better.

Oh I'll keep watching don't you worry.

Louise Boyd said...

I do love and adore Supernatural but jesus, it needs to end now, if only to make room for shows like Constantine. Although i would absolutely watch a buddy demon killing detective show with John and Castiel. Two trench coat babies with a side of righteous murder. Oh yes. Bring that to me now.

I'm sorry but TWD and GoT have got nothing on the depravity of Preacher. The previous are Muppet Babies and the latter is Rick and Morty x infinity.

thatdude said...

Of course they don't have anything on Preacher but when it comes to showing fucked up shit on TV they have that pretty well covered.
Don't really get the love for Rick and Morty.

Supernatural will go until 14 year old girls stop going crazy over Jensen and Jared.
It used to be amazing and now is just average.

Louise Boyd said...

Rick and Morty had this strange effect on me where i really enjoyed watching it but couldn't muster up many feelings about it. Do you know what i mean? Also, i found how truly disgusting Rick is very hard to handle. I can deal with blood and guts and whatnot but drool and vomit etc. no, just fuck off, begone with you.

GoT has been so tame the past few years. I miss the depravity.

thatdude said...

hahaha miss the depravity I haven't heard anyone say that.
It has been pretty brutal this season but I agree not as depraved as previous seasons - not that I miss that.

I can watch cartoons from my childhood but sometimes find it hard to watch cartoons now, even Archer, I know it's funny but find it difficult to watch.

Louise Boyd said...

I love cartoons. I love Archer, Futurama, Adventure Time, Cowboy Bebop, Bob's Burgers, King of the Hill, Over The Garden Wall and when America finally gets its shit together and lets me watch Gravity Falls/Steven Universe etc. then i'm sure i'll love them too. But. I don't tend to put them on to watch unless they're already on. Does that make sense? I tend to do my proper tv watching around 2am when i'm completely alone and can focus entirely - I hate people talking over things i've never seen, fuck those people - and i'll always choose a show with real live people. Not sure why but... i'm good with it. Only 2 more days until i can mainline the fourth season of Orange is the New Black.

Okay, fair warning, i've yet to see any of the current season of GoT, so i know i said i didn't mind that much about spoilers but... if you say anything i'll break your face. Okay?

thatdude said...

I get what you are saying, its hard enough paying attention to the stuff on that's happening on screen than to have someone trying to initiate conversation as well.

I'm actually looking forward to OINB which is strange considering I'm male but its a funny show.

Ok lady I was not planning on spoiling anything, remember we had that conversation about spoilers?

Louise Boyd said...

Normally a statement like that about OITNB would cause one clusterfuck of female outrage but i actually understand and you like it anyway so i'll just put my equality bunny back in her box and maintain my chill.
Here's a question though, where do you stand on our leading lady, Ms Piper the Terrible?

thatdude said...

To be fair I don't think it is really aimed at dudes but there is a lot to love about it.
Most dude-bros would not enjoy it (or would but would never tell anyone).

yeah put the bunny back in the box.

Piper is turning into a regular heisenberg in there. I think we are going to see her be ever more rutheless this season.

Louise Boyd said...

Okay, i've got two more episodes of The Leftovers - so fucking depressing and hasn't even come close to emulating the epic pilot - to watch and then i'll dive right into Piper being a bigger arsehole than usual.
I was totally team Piper in the first two seasons, i liked that she was meant to be a "perfect" girl but actually she's an eternal fuck up but in season 3 i physically recoiled from the screen every damn time her stupid face appeared. Give me Nicky, Pennsatucky, Boo, Morello, Suzanne and Sophia and Red and Pornstache and Poussey and everyone other than Piper fucking Chapman!
I might have some Piper-based rage to deal with.

thatdude said...

She isn't very nice and just makes you sick everytime she fucks with someone elses life.
Shes a spoiled little brat who deserves way worse than she will ever get... Unless she dies.

I will get to season 4 after the 8 million other things I have to do/watch.

Louise Boyd said...

Hmm, i'm intrigued, what are these "other shows" you speak of?

thatdude said...

You really want to know?

Catch up on Preacher
Catch up on Outcast
The Wire (never saw it apparently its outstanding)
Catch up on Twelve Monkeys
Agent Carter
You told me to watch Penny Dreadful so that too
The 100 or whatever its called
... there are others but I don't have the list in front of me.

I also need to watch some films too, Like Independance Day before going to see resurgance.
The Bourne movies before going to see Jason Bourne
and Ghostbusters so I can forget a new one is coming out.

Then need to fit in some video gaming and then maybe reading... phew I'm exhausted just writing this.

Louise Boyd said...

The only draw to see Ghostbusters is Chris Hemsworth as a male Janine, otherwise it's fucking pointless.

We basically watch exactly the same stuff. Long lost cousin? Word of warning, don't bother with The 100. Season one is watchable and at times enjoyable but it descends into irritating mediocrity excruciatingly quickly. Save your eyeballs for something more worthwhile.
Have you watched The Americans?
I hate Independence Day :|

thatdude said...

I don't even think he will be much of a Janine, not bitter enough.

Cool I'll remove it from my list then.

I haven't it is on the list, strange as it's a few seasons in and I have only just heard people talking about it now.

No one hates Independence Day.

Great minds think alike... or we are long lost cousins

Louise Boyd said...

Okay, i don't hate Independence Day, i just don't want to watch it ever again. It's been on too many times already! There are only so many times i can worry about that fucking dog.

thatdude said...

It lives for the whole movie, not all movie dogs can say the same.

Ok maybe it is not a movie for the top 10 movie list.
Then again that list for me changes constantly.

What movies are constantly in and out of your top 10?

Louise Boyd said...

You should see me watch Homeward Bound, it's embarrassing and don't even talk to me about I Am Legend. Firstly because how could they have done such terrible things to a book i love so much and secondly because it's never ok when Neville's dog dies.

That's actually a really hard question to answer because the list kinda varies, y'know? There are the movies that are classics but then there are the hokey movies i shouldn't love but do and then there's the movies i've only recently come to love so... i don't know how to answer. Shall i just write a list of films i love (and can currently bring to mind)? I'll do that:

Near Dark
The Royal Tenenbaums
Pan's Labyrinth
The Fall
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
A River Runs Through It
Easy A
True Romance
Night Watch
Let The Right One In
Eagle vs Shark
Bull Durham
The Edukators
Spirited Away
The Little Mermaid
The Dark Crystal
Whip It
Wolf of Wall Street
Big Trouble in Little China
Ghost World
Lars and the Real Girl

I'm not done but you get the gist, yeah? I've been told i don't have a filter for things like music, tv and movies. I go from, as you can see, Legend to Delicatessen. I think i'm okay not having a filter.
Your turn!

thatdude said...

but all the dogs live in Homeward Bound.
Also the dog in I am Legend has way more meaning in the book, I felt like it was a bit of a cop out in the movie.

Scott Pilgrim
Hot Fuzz
Terminator 2
Escape from New York
The Thing
True Romance
10 Things I hate About you
It's a Wonderful life
The maltese Falcon
Lethal Weapon
Kill Bill
The Bourne Identity
The Dark Knight
The Goonies
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Empire Strikes Back
Empire Records

Also loads more but I'm in work and my head hurts thinking.

Louise Boyd said...

Hmm. I hate when i look at other people's lists and remember movies that really should have been in my list e.g. Empire Strikes Back. How could i forget that?
What did you think of TFA?

thatdude said...

I loved it but then I'm not a crazed fanboy hater of everything.
Was it a retread of A New Hope? yes but it was a damn good one. Think of the monstrosity it could have been.
Plus John Williams wrote a really cute soundtrack for Rey.

What did you think?

Also I do like smart wanky films too but none ever come to mind when thinking.

Louise Boyd said...

Confession: I hate Rey. I really hate her.

TFA was indeed a retread but i'm with you, who the fuck cares? It was just what i wanted, like a much needed reintroduction to a world i love so much before we get to the really meaty stuff.

Do you think Han's really dead? Hard to come back from a death like that but the fanboys are relentless.

thatdude said...

He's dead, Ford wanted out big time so I think it's pretty certain he is deader that dead.

Why hate Rey? She's pretty and way better than Luke was in A New Hope.

I'm going to watch TFA tonight again.

Do you fancy Adam Driver? Everyone else seems to.

Louise Boyd said...

By 'fancy' do you mean "believe every girl deserves an Adam Driver of their own"? Then, yes. Ever since Girls. He's despicably attractive. PLUS! He's fucking awesome. He has this way of delivering very simple lines in ways i'd never expect and that's muchly appreciated. I can't wait to see Midnight Special.

Rey just bugged me. She is indeed very pretty but ugh, too wide eyed and earnest for my liking. She only had one mode and that was overexcited puppy. Not for me, i'm afraid. I hope she'll improve in the next one and i want to know her backstory goddammit! I'm tired of fan theories already. She's gotta be descended from Obi Wan somehow.

Opinions on General Hux?