The result of being a dick and requesting a pony from the shops.
It's so pink...

I did love them as a kid.
When they still looked like horses and not anime puke:

But i am not a Brony.
I repeat:
I am not a fucking Brony.
I may however now need to re-watch the original movie.
For nostalgia's sake....
thatdude said...

I love how you have plastic vampire teeth just kicking about in the background

Louise Boyd said...

Vampire Brownies are always prepared.

thatdude said...

I was picturing a food substance there and not a scout like troop. I got it now though.

Always prepared to put a really uncomfortable thing in your mouth... I didn't mean that to sound like it did.
They are uncomfortable, but they do glow in the dark.

Louise Boyd said...

You mean like these?:

It would be really shit if you were a vampire and your fangs glowed in the dark. You'd hardly get to do any necking 'cause everyone would see you coming!

Vampire movie of choice?

thatdude said...

yeah pretty much those, although those sweetie teeth taste horrid.

You do know what necking means in certain parts of this country?
but yes vampire with glow in the dark teeth = silly but funny.


From Dusk Till Dawn
Near Dark
Interview with a vampire
What we do in the shadows


Louise Boyd said...

Interview with the Vampire? Really? I'm just gonna sit here and judge you for a while.

My personal favourites are:

Near Dark
Let The Right One In
The Lost Boys
Night Watch
Fright Night (the original)

I've been holding out hope for a decent modern vampire movie for a while now but alas, none yet. I haven't watched Only Lover's Left Alive and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night yet, so there's still hope. I was so disappointed by What We Do In The Shadows though. How could a movie with the line "We're werewolves, not swearwolves" be so... unfunny.

thatdude said...

I didn't enjoy Night Watch, was too disjointed for me.
Did you enjoy flight of the concords?

Louise Boyd said...

Odd fact: I know practically all the songs from Flight of the Concords but i'm yet to watch it. Poor form on my part but there's so much tv out there, i can't watch it all! At least not all at once. I'll get to it.

It's nice to find someone who shares my love of Near Dark, it's possibly my favourite of the bunch and no one watches it! Cretins. I pity them for never having seen Bill Paxton as a shotgun toting vampire. It should really be terrible but it's my favourite role of his and that's beating out Aliens and the greatest movie line ever.
Okay, not ever but it's up there with the best of them.
Speaking of tv i haven't got around to watching yet: Big Love. You seen it?