sleep forever

Once upon a pre-teen, my eternally tomboyish brainpan wouldn't be seen dead without a cap atop it.
I'd've been essentially naked without one.
It just didn't happen to the point where it's become a seasoned anecdote in reference to the history of me.
And my cap of choice? A red number with Tweety Pie and Sylvester emblazoned on the front.
It was as cool as it sounds.
But then adolescence hit and migraine hell commenced.
My skull is so pitiful that the tiniest amount of pressure can cause full-blown cranial warfare.
Even the fucking clouds give me headaches.

And thus, i put away childish things and resigned myself to a decade of unadorned noggin-based melancholy.
That was until Mr MRDR released this sucker and i thought, fuck it, that belongs on my head, migraines be damned.

We'll see if i'm still as headstrong - badoom tshh - when i'm buried under my duvet, clawing at my temples trying to prevent any brain matter seeping through my pores and attempting to not vomit out of my eyeballs.
Wish me luck?
thatdude said...

Right first: how do the clouds give you migranes? like when your head is in the clouds? I always thought that was an expression.

Second: If that is your bed in the background are you not worried that I dunno those books may squish you to death?

third: Sleeping forever is death... not fun

plus more lens flare than JJ Abrhams

Louise Boyd said...

1) The clouds give me headaches because they're assholes and they cause low pressure which in turn has a vice-like effect on my brainpan. Very simple, very ridiculous but very much happened to me today. Fuck. Those. Fluffy. Airborne. Assholes.

2) I have often been concerned that they'll fall and crush me to death but i'm such a boring fucker that you gotta live on the edge somehow, right?

3) I like to think of it as an ode to my sloth-like existence rather than kicking the bucket. Morbid much.

4) Lens flare helps hide my monstrousness. I am Sloth from The Goonies, give me American candy, bitches!

thatdude said...

1) You would be the best weatherman (is it weatherperson now?) ever

2) Living on the edge is fine, living in constant fear of being crushed to death.... that's your call

3) Fair enough, I find sloths pretty funny, especially the ones in Zootopia

4) Fishing for compliments much :) I doubt you are monstorous, plus Sloth was cool, he had a superman T-shirt on, liked Baby Ruth's and got loved Chunk.

Louise Boyd said...

Let's go with weatherperson to encourage equality. I'd prefer to be proclaimed as the God of Weather though but i'm a little grandiose like that.

"Baby Ruth is an American candy bar made of peanuts, caramel and chocolate-flavoured nougat covered in compound chocolate."

So it's basically a Snickers but with added high fructose "terrifying as fuck" corn syrup? Oh, America, you're delightfully self-destructive. I would eat that though, if poison wasn't involved =/

thatdude said...

I've had one, they don't compare to a Snickers.

Weatherperson it is, sounds weird but there ye go.

Are you allergic to corn syrup or just scared of its craziness?

Louise Boyd said...

Not allergic, just acceptably afraid. It's terrifying, it stays in your body for years =/ All sugar's pretty scary - i am not a pious shithead, give me all the sugar - but corn syrup is genuine legal poison. Tasty tasty poison.

thatdude said...

It's fine I won't feed it to you. At least not yet.

Louise Boyd said...

You can't poison me without fingers. Consider yourself stewed.

thatdude said...

I'm a stew, just at least cook me right.
A guiness stew please.

Louise Boyd said...

Done. I'll cook you in the crockpot, a slow roast will get the meat good and soft.
I'm starting to disturb myself.

thatdude said...

You have always disturbed me

Louise Boyd said...

It's a talent with zero effort involved. Blessed are the few.