soda bread and guilt

What do you get when you add an afternoon re-watch of The Great British Bake Off's Bread Week (aka. Louise's week) with a spare* 500ml tub of yoghurt** and multiply that with extreme baker's guilt***?

Bread in an hour is a dangerous and wondrous thing.
All praise Irish traditions, my unbridled loaf lust and Paul Hollywood, the King of Yeast.

I accidentally created a bread labyrinth.
I can only hope a tiny Sourdough Minotaur rages grumpily at its core.
Kind of like Gachnar the Fear Demon:
There really isn't much i can't relate back to Buffy.

More bread here.

* by "spare" i mean it was in the fridge and i declared it mine. Everyone benefits, right?
** buttermilk is traditionally used but warmed up natural yoghurt does the job equally well. I've also heard mutterings of milk and lemon juice but i reckon your dough would get way too sloppy, way too quickly.
*** i'm a garbage human who takes extreme interest in things for a short period of time and then drops them mercilessly, thus why i haven't baked bread since July. Ugh.