lutek // wisher

Traces of affection
Magdalena Lutek aka. *Nishe
Traces of affection

'i’d rather have
an agogô for a heart
a djembe for a heart
gramophone for a heart
bison bone for a heart
dandelion spore for a heart
sweet cream butter for a heart
i’d rather have a
mason jar for a heart
an ashtray for a heart
a plate of liver for a heart
lawnmower for a heart
jezebel for a heart

instead of this flesh & blood which mars my sheets
instead of this archive that clogs my toilet
instead of this flea-bitten attic full of raccoons
instead of this envelope that arrives already open
instead of this light bulb that rattles on the inside
instead of this tv box that draws attention on trash day
instead of this wart that only responds to rain
instead of this colander that never catches the grit

i’d rather have
a heart born of the lust
between a sonnet & a blues song
a coleridge-wild weed hoochie coochie heart
a we real cool heart aboard the impossible spawn of slave ships
an undying, maroon eternally brown in the black hills heart
i’d rather
have a heart that beats
that beats
that beats
that beats
that beats'

- Yolanda Wisher
Tim Woman's Lament

richie woods - xmas without my baby

The only Christmas music i want.

lulia // the gods among us


'One of them grants you the ability
to forecast the future; another wrenches
your tongue from your mouth, changes you
into a bird precisely because you have been
given this gift. The gods are generous

in this way. I learned to avoid danger, avoid fear,
avoid excitement, these the very triggers that prompt
my wings from their resting place deep inside.
And so, I avoided fights, avoided everything really.
In the locker room, I avoided other boys,

all the while intently studying that space
between their shoulder blades, patiently looking
for the tell-tale signs, looking to find even
one other boy like me, the wings buried but
there nonetheless. I studied them from a distance.

When people challenge a god, the gods curse them
with the label of madness. It is all very convenient.
And meanwhile, a god took the form of a swan
and raped a girl by the school gates. Another
took the shape of an eagle to abduct a boy

from the football field. Mad world.
And what about our teachers? Our teachers
expected us to sit and listen. In Theology, there was
a demon inside each of us; in History,
the demons among us. So many demons

in this world. Who among us could have spoken up
against the gods, the gods who continued living
among us? They granted wishes and punishments
much the way they always had. Very few noticed them
casually taking the shape of one thing or another.'

The Gods Among Us


years & years - both sides now (joni mitchell cover) [torch songs]

I can genuinely only listen to Joni Mitchell when someone else is singing.
And who better than Olly Alexander.

The wonder that are Torch Songs.

The internet's current obsession with charts/lists is warming my control freak of a heart.

If you want to creep in more depth on my 2016 listening habits then goes into more detail, here.


 An excellent human by the name of Scott made his annual playlist and goddamn, this year he unquestionably smashed it.
But be warned, things around here are about to get a little... synthy.

Good show, dear boy.
Good show.

blade runner 2049

I'm still super worried but goddamn, this looks fucking beautiful.

I now must listen to the original score on repeat for a few days.
It's necessary.

james mccarthy

Across the Event Horizon

I am all over this.
80s fantasy galore.

harold budd, elizabeth fraser, robin guthrie & simon raymonde - memory gongs

anna bülow




Working Shakespeare into art is always, always, always fine by me.

now it's overhead - let the sirens rest

There was a time when i listened to this nearly every day.

sense8 - a christmas special

Come to me, my precious.

lady macbeth

flavio apel

Flavio Apel aka flaval
no titled


chaya kasif

Light studies

gottfried helnwein

Disasters of War 54