the beach boys - caroline, no

ike & tina turner - workin' together

school of seven bells - ablaze

jenna andersen

elise ansel

Déjeuner II

dadu shin

audrey benjaminsen

The Moirai
(Clothos, Atropos and Lachesis)

labyrinth remake bullshit

Fuck you, world.
This is heresy.

dum dum girls - coming down

the range - florida

shelfari > goodreads

The day has finally come.
Goodreads has swallowed up Shelfari.
Goodreads is the Facebook of online libraries.
Zero character.
I miss my digital shelf already.


A week or so ago my big sister played Frankenstein and captured wild yeast.
Behold, a yeast baby:
aka. sourdough starter.
This is actually its second home after it rather dramatically exploded volcano-like out of the first jar.
Future fellow Frankensteiners, beware and get yourself a damn big jar/bucket/trough.

And this was my attempt to make it into something edible*:
It may look crunchy and lickable and good enough to marry but actually it's waaaaaaay too dense and lacks any of the necessary tang of a classic sourdough.
At least, in my opinion.
The rest of the brood seemed to think it was not half bad, including my sourdough-loathing eldest sister.
But for me? Yuck.
Anything that tastes even vaguely of manipulated curd causes my gag reflex to twitch spasmodically.
I'm pretty sure i made this face a few dozen times while performing a routine and very necessary bread test:
Oh, well.
Perhaps the next attempt will be more of a success.
The next attempt that i believe said life-creating sister is coercing me into making tomorrow.
Does that make me Igor?

More bread stuffs, here.

*I would not recommend using this recipe, it's littered with discrepancies and general suckiness.

ilya kuvshinov


vanessa foley

The One You Feed

ben tolman

New work by Ben Tolman.
The man is a god.

The top image is currently my desktop.

vasilios paspalis

rick finkelstein

Sitting in the Dark with Strangers

brian kesinger


basia bulat - fool

public memory - ringleader

savages - adore

mitski - first love / late spring

heather gabel

Silenced Prayers

maria teicher

david bowie - i can't give everything away

no-knead wholemeal bread

Egotistical proclamation alert: I'm getting pretty fucking good at this bread business.

If only i could get the damn seeds to stay on.
Does bread glue exist?
If it does, i demand a bushel.

Made using this recipe.
And yet again, mine doesn't look much like the author's.
(Is American wholemeal lighter/bleached?)
But it does taste somewhat awesome.
Which is why i made another loaf today.
Giving a bread junkie the yeasted keys to baking paradise may have been a mistake.

More baking ventures here.

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françois schuiten

Reflet Atlantic

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