the book of dead days

'It was bitterly cold. Boy and Willow were shivering, but not just from the temperature. Row after row of lifeless stones faded away around them into the darkness of the cemetery. They had crept inside through the massive iron gates, which were not locked. They could just make out shapes from the moonlight which slanted low over the wall of the cemetery. The land sloped slightly from where they stood, so that even in the darkness they could see the stones rising away from them. There were thousands, some small and plain, some big, some carved with complex designs. Some were not stones at all but impressive tombs made of huge blocks of stone, surrounded by spiked railings. They were designed to keep people out, though Boy thought how strange they looked, like cages, as if they were actually meant to keep people in.'

The Book of Dead Days
(Page 82)

Rating: 2.5/5