red queen

''Alice turned, and saw a split form in the trunk of the trees, just as if it had been sliced open with an axe. Thick red sap oozed from the cut, and the ground beneath made a wet sucking sound. The roots gurgled as they pumped (whatever it was) into the tree.
The crack in the tree deepened and lengthened. Alice shuddered as the bark broke apart, blood (for of course that was what it was, not sap at all) spewing from the body of the tree.
The cut seemed to shape itself into two doors and each door opened out from the tree. Alice felt drawn there, as though some inexplicable (magical) force pulled her as the tree slowly opened and revealed what was hidden beneath.
A woman lay there, her skin white and waxy in death and hair as black as a raven's wing and wearing a dress the color of the blood that ran all around her. The trunk held her like a coffin.
"The Red Queen", Pen said behind Alice. "There hasn't been a Red Queen in a long time." '

Red Queen 
(The Chronicles of Alice)
(Page 185-186)

Rating: 3/5