wy - hate to fall asleep

I don't know where i am with music right now.
I listen every day. Without fail.
And it almost feels like too much.
I barely remember what's passed through my brain the second the music's stopped.
And i can't fathom whether that's my head telling me a particular song/band's had no effect on me or whether i've gone into auditory overload and can't tell the difference anymore.
But i can't seem to slow down.
I've never been able to dedicate myself to just a few bands/genres.
I need it all.
And for the longest time i've worn that trait like a badge of honour.
But sometimes, sometimes being so greedy bites back.
And you wade through days of music just for a glimpse of something you've been waiting what feels like forever for.
Like Wy.
Wonderful, woeful, Wy.