i am not a serial killer

'The lack of emotional connection with other people has the odd effect of making you feel separate and alien ‑ as if you are observing the human race from somewhere else; unattached and unwelcome. [...] People scurry around, doing their little jobs and raising their little families and shouting their meaningless emotions to the world, and all the while you just watch from the sidelines, bewildered. This drives some sociopaths to feel superior, as if the whole of humanity were simply animals to be hunted or put down; others feel a hot, jealous rage, desperate to have what they cannot."

I Am Not A Serial Killer
(Page 51)

Rating: 3.5/5

Oft accused of being a creeper due to my love of all things supernatural and gore-filled, i was expecting much more from the first in Dan Wells' John Cleaver series.
Give me blood and demons and fucking pandemonium.
But please don't give me Holden Caulfield with a butcher knife.
It's just too goddamn whiny.
Charlie puts more fear into me.
I've got the scratch marks on my shoulder to prove it.
The cat knows how to lunge.)

This won't stop me from probably reading at least the next book in the series, Mr Monster and most definitely watching the movie.
Christopher Lloyd is a good enough reason to watch just about anything.