caraway (cheat's) sourdough

Crushed it.
Or more accurately, toasted it.

Cheat's Sourdough harbouring two tablespoons of lightly toasted caraway seeds - not burnt like my first attempt, thank you Ems for rescuing your cooking handicapped little sister - and baked for an additional five minutes.

As good as Valvona and Crolla's they say.

As i said, crushed it.

More bread, here.

thatdude said...

The colour of this bread is wonderful. I bet it tasted awesome.

Louise Boyd said...

Why thank you and yes, yes it did. The wonders of yeast, flour, salt and a molten hot cast iron pot.

thatdude said...

cast iron is horrible to clean :( Mine is sitting all rusty because I can't be bothered to bring it back to its former glory.

Louise Boyd said...

I think that's actually a good thing though, like with skillets. They call it "seasoning" and it's supposed to help with the quality of the bake? Or some such baking nonsense.